High Maintenance & AL/SO ‘Hypersonic EP’ [Korsakov Music]


The latest necessity for your DJ arsenal is available now from High Maintenance & AL/SO on Korsakov Music, the ‘Hypersonic EP’. This creatively crafted neurofunk masterpiece is packed full of mind bending basslines, monstrous beats and enough energy to skyrocket your set into the next dimension. It also happens to be the first grip of tunes we’ve seen from AL/SO which marks an extra special milestone for this release. The only downside? The ‘Hypersonic EP’ dishes out only a taste of what’s to come in three absolutely banging tracks leaving us ravenous for more. Crank up the volume, buckle up and push play because it’s time to blast off to next level neuro with High Maintenance & AL/SO.

The title track “Hypersonic” kick-starts the EP with immense power laying the foundation for a release that’s primed to blow your mind. An intense intro strikes an instant emotional chord to captivate and connect with the listener resonating deep throughout this tune. Smooth chords flow welcoming a soft feminine vocalization as the mood intensifies and the snares snap to attention. High Maintenance & AL/SO curate the build quickly and furiously to a killer roll setting the stage for the snap at the drop. Deeply developed bass twists and bends to engulf the floor in vibration sensation while the snares hit hard paired with precise placement on that gripping vocal we bonded with from the beginning. The energy is high and no doubt about it “Hypersonic” absolutely slaps fusing hard hitting neurofunk with a warm dance floor vibe to make you feel good inside. This is one to keep in the crate at the ready for the first rave when lock-down is lifted it’ll smash the place to bits.

Up next is my personal favorite from the ‘Hypersonic EP’ titled “Party Every Day”. High Maintenance & AL/SO have raised the bar with this one; the energy in this track is unmatched! A playful intro artistically chops and manipulates the vocal sample from this track ‘we like to party everyday’ building vigorously toward the enormous drop. The bass cannons kick as the beat races relentlessly. Fast and furious amplifying the energy out of this world we’ve hit warp speed complimented with the vocal skillfully timed to hold the hype. A highly animated track yet smashing in the mix; it layers well as it whips, womps and wallops start to finish. “Party Every Day” is going to consume the dance floor bouncing full force into the future with the forward thinking sounds of High Maintenance & AL/SO.

Wrapping up the review on the ‘Hypersonic EP’ from High Maintenance & AL/SO “Here We Go Again”, literally, with another hefty dose of neurofunk drum and bass from these two intelligent producers who are carving new paths in the evolution of futuristic dnb sounds. Easing in light and airy it almost seems as if we may hear a softer side of this EP but it’s only an afterthought as a neck snapping twist overtakes the drop erupting into a melee of absolute firepower. A fun composition big, bad bass pummels forcefully riding between crafty cuts of eye popping kicks and some cowbell to boot. Once again High Maintenance & AL/SO have administered an accurate dose on the vocal sample to engage the audience without being too overbearing. These two know how to piece together a track for the ultimate effect! “Here We Go Again” = SMASH, SMASH, SMASH, SMASH!

A stellar compilation from High Maintenance & AL/SO the ‘Hypersonic EP’ is an obvious choice to increase the onslaught of heavy hitting neuro tunes in your drum and bass library. Three solid selections to smash the floor and we can’t wait for more from both of these artists.
Grab your copy of the EP available now on Beatport.

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