High Society – Elektricty EP [Schedule One Recordings]

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Tunes

My wish for drum and bass in 2017 is that it remembers to have fun again. To loosen up a touch, ya know, unbutton that top button, pull down that turtle neck a bit, don’t pull that flat billed hat down so low over your face bro. Seriously folks, its ok, you can have fun and STILL be like hardcore, down, this is my life, doing jungalist shit. I beg you, listen to music that is different from the same few labels you listen to. Care less if jungle and DNB are, or are not the same thing. Worry more about how you can bring someone new into this great music. Make sure your locals get paid so they can buy some new studio monitors so they can keep making music. Put back in the same love and fun you take out of drum and bass. What does that have to do with this EP review? Honestly, I am not sure, but it is a damn good message I hope we all are a bit better at it in 2017.

I think what made me starting to think about that was just how much fun I had listening to the new “Elektricity EP “ from High Society on now out on Schedule One Recordings. It is wonderful and beautiful music, but it is also fun. Not in a juvenile or goofy way, but it just sets a mood I really can appreciate. The tracks are filled with passion, life, excitement, emotion, fun, wonder, and joy. I sat and listened to the full EP it and felt genuine joy. I wasn’t worried about if the snares were pitched, what filter was used on that midrange bass etc. you get the idea. I just enjoyed that pure moment of listening to good quality music. The musicality of it all is really impressive. There is a proper use of jazz saxophone through out a whole song. There is a great example of using a piano to express emotions that is spot on. All three of these songs stand up as individual works of music and as a whole they are a great way to spend some of that holiday money you got in your wallet!!


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