Highlighting The 100th Release Of Audio Overload

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Spotlight, Tunes

Summer of last year sometime in July we talked with Bomber, label owner of Audio Overload, Audio Overload Jungle, Dub Stop 2 Bass and asked him the most important question of all.. why Jedi? Simple. The mans hardworking, dedicated his sound and committed to the franchise. Jedi is the staple of my Jump Up sets and sounds are becoming more and more popular with the ravers in my scene.

This ten track long play struggled to see the light of day but in the end finally saw it through. Strictly original tunes featuring some of my personal favourites and tunes I’ve been rinsing all of twenty-seventeen, “I Wanna Rock” and “Soundboy Killa” are the absolute heavy weight pieces of weaponry. Promised to smash up the dance and shake some ass. If I had to put a single tune at top priority it would be “I Wanna Rock”, that rolling big drum big bass quality of production that we’ve seen in the earlier years of the two-thousands is so profound in some of Jedi’s projects and is what I liked about the sub genre when I first started mixing it.

Being original is one of the hardest things as a producer you have to overcome when you reach what I would consider a break-through moment in your career in Drum And Bass. People can make music all day every day but if it sounds no different than the other guy, why would someone want to listen to you? I feel like Jedi has reached a point where his sound has reached this definition about it, that no matter the set you can recognize the signature. Bootleg, Original, Remix or VIP you can always point out a Jedi tune and that truly is a good thing. Be sure to grab this release when it drops in February to make sure you have the best in what surely is to be pure Underground Drum And Bass music.

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