The History of Die & Clipz “Number One”

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Tunes

Taking things back in the “way-back-when” time machine here at Best Drum And Bass. It’s been over a decade since this iconic roller and its many variants have seen public release and some.. not so public. What is “Number One” and why is it important you ask? Time. It has held the test of time and these tunes still hold dancefloor value. I’d call it gold before anything. Each variant publicly accessible comes with a delivery that none of the counterparts tackled in their respective productions.

Number One (Original Mix)

Released in 2006 on Full Cycle Recordings. The flip “Climate Change”, the tune that commenced it all. Number One. Never genuinely visually perceiving a digital release as far as I can tell. Rolling from the drop, that sound that bassline. It even has bongos. Enough natural energy to get anyone moving. Just shy of being a truculent dancefloor tune, this release has the perfect mixture of drum and bass welcoming everyone to the floor.

Number One (Milkin’ It Mix)

One of the first of the VIPs to see the light of day was actually featured on a Drum And Bass Arena Presents mix series, with DJ Hype as the host. Getting both vinyl and digital releases. The “Milkin’ It Mix”, better known for the first VIP of Number One done by Redlight and Die. Out in 2007 just a year after the original released with “Work It Out feat Jenna G” on the flip, my absolute favourite of all time female vocalist to bless Drum And Bass. Taking the original on an absolute rollercoaster of big drum big fat bass beat syncopation. The only true digital release of any of the variants in production.

Number One (Roni Size VIP)

My personal favourite of all time the best VIP of all the VIPs. Roni Size the don, did such a fantastic job on what is already a fantastic tune. Staying true to the original is what I like so much about this production. Rightfully earning that VIP tag. Never seeing the digital release also out on Full Cycle Records, “Work It Out” dubbed on the flip. Both of which are active in my wallet and currently making bodies move on the dancefloors. If I could advise anything it’s to get any release you can of these fine pieces of weaponry. They all work, the all held the test of time. Do I know for sure there are remaining VIPs of this tune that haven’t caught public attention? Yes. But after a decade of banging tunes from every which direction I think its time to toss in the towel. Have a VIP not listed? Email me @dEEb.

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