Hoogs – City Of Sound EP [Natty Dub]

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Tunes

While his internet presence is scarce his tunes are not. Tom Hoogs has been polishing off signed releases as early as 2009. Doesn’t surprise me that Hoogs first signed tune was actually on American label Digital Terror Records seeing how he is American based its nice to see the mutual support stateside, or at least recognize times when its unified. Almost 10 years have passed since Jigsaw has been seen the light of day and I have to say moves have been made since then.

Setting the standard at bridging the gap between Jungle and Drum And Bass music, the name is Malachai aka one half that duo that originally made Cabin Fever UK with the likes of Voltage. Remember that Christmas freebie they gave us Naughtlyus? That was a fucking tune. Well that guy owns a record label and that label just happens to be.. Natty Dub Recordings. Featuring four of the latest bits of exclusive Natty Dub business, straight from the digital audio workstation of Mr. Tom Hoogs to your soon to be online shopping cart. I’m a really big fan of Hoogs previous work so this extended play is an instant purchase for me and I can only advise that you do the same. Steady follow Natty Dub Recordings on SoundCloud to keep up on their future releases like this one!

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