Hoogs – One Hundred Percent Tough EP [Calypso]

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It’s not every day I get to talk about a state side producer that is the exact opposite sound of 70% of the populous out here. Hailing from the east, Hoogs is known fixture with what is current in Jungle Drum And Bass music. Failure to acknowledge that is by choice. Known for his sub low jungle dnb rollers let’s revisit one of my personal favorites from the American Producer some 2 years ago.

The percussion helps keep the momentum rolling where the bassline does not, and it.. it just feels right. Very light amens is enough to get the message across that Jungle rollers have a place in Drum & Bass. On to the latest release from Mr. Tom Hoogs..

What You Say

BIG..BIG BASSLINE, seriously it is absolutely ginormous. Coming in at number 1 on my “must rinse this repeatedly” list. This tune is as raw formula as you can get, nothing more than a sub low bassline with rolling drums. This direction sound is heading, I don’t want to wave my finger and scream minimal Drum & Bass. But I’m in some sort of understanding is that producers are starting to realize that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming to be good. It doesn’t have to have this monstrous drop that delivers 3rd degree gurns. It could just roll from start to finish and not put you on your ass or make you want to punch a baby or some other witty soundcloud comment.

Now I’m kind of torn between picking a runner up from this release. Nothing stuck out like a sore thumb like “What You Say”. But if I had to choose I would say these two below to follow up.
Midnight Killing


As for the rest of the release you can catch that below as well as a buy link.

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