Hybrid Minds – Bad to Me ft. Grace Grundy [HYBRID MUSIC]


So here we have it, a new single from the mighty Hybrid Minds, fresh from a sell out tour of New Zealand. I think it’s safe to say, anyone who’s killing it over there at the moment is the envy of the rest of the world, but hats off to them keeping the scene alive until it returns to the rest of the world with a bang.

Hybrid Minds are known for some amazing tracks such as ‘Touch’ and ‘Drowning in You’ and have managed to achieve over 1 million listeners each month on Spotify and this year looks set to be another level to their success. With the return of Pendulum recently, the new single ‘Bad To Me’ is the first single from their forthcoming collaboration project EP.

What an exciting prospect, one we can all look forward to I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that.

So onto the Single: ‘Bad To Me’ with a festival echoing intro, you can almost see the sun going down across a field full of ravers as the serene music fills your ears with joy…and that vocal from Grace Grundy, wow! What a voice she has and fits perfectly with this tune. As the intro breaks into the drop you get such a rush of euphoria, wishing even more that the raves need to start again and insane jealousy that our New Zealand friends have got to enjoy the massive talent of Hybrid Minds at their venues recently.

Absolutely loving this single and really looking forward to what’s in store on the rest of this forthcoming EP. The tune takes you on such a voyage of emotion with perfect production which is absolutely top drawer and Hybrid Minds deserve the admiration they have achieved from their fans so far.

You can pick this single up tomorrow (14th May 2021) and I suggest you do while it’s hot as I think it will keep you going until we get another taste of what’s on this EP.

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