Hydro feat. War – Time Perception (MethLab Recordings)

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Tunes

Communication channels open.. Receiving transmission data. Hydro & War requesting to switch conversation to an encrypted line. Methlab Recordings is bringing the future to you in the form of incredibly progressive audio archives. This time around we join Hydro & War for the sounds of heavily secluded outposts in the deep frozen tundras of an undisclosed location on this planet. Hydro has been heavily pushing his heavily aesthetic sound for nearly a decade bringing some of the most visual soundscapes in the drum and bass scene.

“Time Perception” has been intercepted in the following message. Cold and windy landscapes envisioned in the foreground covered by snow and ice a snappy percussion line is heard bringing a oldschool hip hop style pattern into the scene. The tune progresses into a whirring and droning sound as the tune breaks into a gritty and grinding stepping formation with lighter atmospheric tones trickling in to the environment as more percussion steps onto the field futher progressing as the tune goes along.

This is essential music for any sci fi head or DJ in the 85BPM range. This one has been in my bag for for a while and has had great reception everywhere its been played. This release is out now on Methlab Recordings.


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