Hydro, War & Mateba [Warm Communications]

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Tunes

Starting off the year with yet another massive release comes Hydro, War, & Mateba. With the release history stacked full of incredibly crafted tunes last year these artists are back to making proper drum and bass tunes. Warm communications has a long history of providing some of the best drum and bass in the rolling department throughout the past 17 years and a large list of top tier producers to go with it. Kicking off 2017 Warm Communications continues on their tradition of excellence with this one.

Clair obscur sets off with a deep and dreary drone with atmospheric synths willowing in the distance unsure if they are near or far trailing you down a dark path. Quick and snappy percussion elements come into the foreground while still being reserved in nature but building a long underlying tension into the build up of the track. Clair Obscur draws in tension for a release of deep and billowing basslines with platonic power keeping the vibe gritty and wobbling in nature. Bell tones can be heard as a secondary relief of tension is introduced with lighter and airy tones with a piano tone feintly heard in the distance before picking back up into full effect

Overall another excellent release in the Warm Communication camps bag with Hydro, War, & Mateba on this one you will be hearing this wherever fellow futurists reside.

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