Hyperion (Rido Remix) [Evolution Chamber]

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Hyperion (Rido Remix) [Evolution Chamber]

Welcome and Happy New Year to all the drum and bass family! We kick off this January with the continuation of the Respawned remix series. 2023 marked the initiation of Task Horizon’s ‘Respawned’ Remix series. Bolstered with remixes from the likes of Audio, Burr Oak, Joe Ford & Phace marking the series’ inception. As we embark upon 2024 they are steadfast in their commitment to this endeavor. And take pride in introducing the fourth instalment of the series Hyperion (Rido Remix) [Evolution Chamber] . Graciously presented by the distinguished Czech pioneer, Rido!


Widely recognized within the Neurofunk sub-genre Rido boasts a career that spans a little over 15 years. And is marked by an impressive portfolio of releases on renowned labels within Drum & Bass. Including the legendary Metalheadz, Blackout, and Eatbrain.

Take Command

Assuming authoritative control on the fourth instalment of the project, Rido delivers a dynamic and vibrant reinterpretation of “Hyperion.” This rendition skillfully steers the original track towards a more musical trajectory while bowing grace to the original composition.

Continue the Journey

With Rido steering the ship into 2024 with the fourth instalment, more is on the way. Several instalments lay in expected wait. And will be leading to the anticipated reveal of the complete LP, with a few aces up its sleeve.

Edge of the Seat

The releases of this series in 2023 have left us in awe. Continually dropping these remixes for the heads in the set. With every forthcoming work of art the tension builds to insurmountable excitement. Every artist has put meticulous attention into their work and we recognize the skill it takes to do so. Thanks to every producer putting in the work to make this happen. We cant wait to see which names will appear next in this massive release!


Hyperion (Rido Remix) is out now on Evolution Chamber! Check out the link here for purchase, download and streaming!

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