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“I AM ELOISA” an artist compilation by Eliosa Records UK

This week we will chop it up about the new Eloisa Records release, “I am Eloisa“. Released on Oct. 2nd. This lp comes stacked with a impressive variety of international artists and drum and bass vibes. Eight magnificent songs were paired together by the label’s founder Chris Inperspective. Who has a deep rooted history in the business, and who’s new label venture under the Inperspective umbrella. Which is setting the pace for a rammed release cycle in 2020.

Pulling this quote from their band camp page. Their mission statement is pretty bold. Which met my expectations going into this release blind.







“I am Eloisa” was very clever in being able to deliver a multitude of dnb sub-genres together. There is a touch of the more modern dnb rollers and darker jump-up. Placed next to a couple of other tunes that go deep into the water with soulful and soothing liquid. A really upbeat and positive summer style vocal anthem. With a tune thats fused with funk, breaks, and good ol’ soul music. And one full on junglist mc and amen brockout. So the diversity is real with this one. Making it come cross with a purpose to represent all the sounds.


Kicking off this lp is the tune Heat by Kray. It comes out of the box prepared to rock the party. Complete with all the fixings needed. Bouncing drums, cymbals and claps ride a groove that becomes as infectious Deep South bounce tracks. There is this warping wobbling baseline that demands your attention with the hrtz that hurt! The vocal sample “Hit you with the heat” caps this jam off so proper. I see this tune getting a lot of attention from dj’s everywhere as a bonafide head knocker.

Exile & Jappa – Abstract Out Of Sight is up next. Leading the charge with super sized jumping and tech roller vibes. The classic tamborine driven breaks take me right back to old Tru Playaz/ Frontline/ Hard Leaders dark jump up. But with a more tech step and futuristic edge. Crunching basslines, come in all shapes and sizes here. Ray Keith and S.P.Y. would definitely be giving this choon a nod and a toss around the club. Those dark and mastadonian horns that have really become the hottest trend in dnb become the soul grabber within this one. Cut some amens into accent the edge of the earth. And I’m sold.

The vibe gets pulled back on the third track, Insular by False Relation.  We begin to take a turn into a deep dance floor roller that is simply beautiful. Its overall aesthetic is one of from an era where Dj Rap/ John B/Adam F could go change the whole spectrum with this vibe. It has a tension to it. Especially with this looming sample “Exploding in your face” throughout the entire song. But with breaths of moving bleeps, synths, and atmospherics coming in waves to balance the darker elements. My subs are rattling calmly and consistently , so I know the bass is rich and deep. But as carefully crafted as a chocolate soufflé from a Michelin Star chef.

Ok so this tune by Will Miles – Summer Down Under is exactly what we needed right now. Its just fun. It really takes me into those summers, with your homies, crusing before parties, trying to get hyped whilst peeping the set in your hood. You could pop the top down and ride, nothing but summer “g” vibes. The vocal on this tune kicks the winning goal. Its just the right amount of it, without becoming redundant. It makes me feel happy. I feel like the best versions of artists like Makato/ Degs/ Random Movement & Total Science  could all be smashed together a hydrogen collider, split into separate atom particles , then re-configured by Uncle Morty, and this is what we would get. Will Miles comes forward with a late summer banger. So I could see this one getting new people a little more comfortable with dnb, and gleefully bouncing all the old heads around the oxygen.

Jak B is someone that I have just become familiar with. His tune, Early Mornings is another selection here representing the rolling liquid genre. Full of light and bright synths, key stabs, and air risers keep us locked in. There’s a juxtaposition in the harmonies. playing them against each other that is just an example of really well written composition. It has a soulful vocal that whispers to you like an friendly echo on the dancefloor. There is enough happening in this tune to fill the gaps nicely, but it isn’t overloaded with sounds that could clash against each other. This is perfectly arranged and lovely example of modern liquid drum and bass.

The homie Sumone feat General Pecos launches us into the jungle. “Clear the Way” brings the brockout. Sumone had been known for bringing down the house with heavy, teeth rattling, hooj jungle tunes. And the pairing of him and the legendary General Pecos drinks like an aged barrel of rum familia. There is a splash of Chopstick Dubplate  shaken together with two parts Aries/ Veak, topped off with Conrad Subs style low end and rudeness. If we wanted to take the vibe of this lp and turn out the pressure, this is how its done. I am so happy that Sumone is apart of this vibe, and that he is back out here making jungle music for us again.

This tune Portal by Trojiin . Is one for the back corner speaker freaker massive. Once again, playing strong to those old school dark jump up vibes. But with the grace and wobble that was spawned by the likes of Mampi Swift/ Krust/ DjDie and Ufo! .  The formula of keep it eerie with the synths, robotic fight samples, and the constant slamming of hoovers and walking wobblers works perfectly. This one is straight forward and to the point. Which is to flew the woofers to the bring of lighting the cones a blaze.

Last, but not least, we have an ultra soulful and funky tune by the head honcho of EloisaChris Inperspective. The closing track “Cocoahead” is a serious nod to multiple style of classic liquid and jazzy dnb. The guitar and rhodes style key lines fuse together everything I love about modern jazz fusion, and drum and bass. The section where we get into stand up basslines, cut with a jarring dark bass tone, and a running “funkster” amen line is really cool. There are subtle shifts in the drum breaks and risers to lend some extra funkiness and technicality to the programming. But overall, if this is the last kiss good night from this album, and its a great way to end. And I am completely ready to start it all over again.


I must admit, I didn’t know what to expect from the release. Being very familiar with the previous work from the Inpersepective  imprint. And was expecting to dive into a world of drum funk and really deep drum edit heavy drum and bass. But this was different, and in a very good way. When releases go “in too hard” on one particular style, I get a bit bored. Even if the tunes are all top notch. Noticing contrast, ebs and flows, and peaks and valleys is something to enjoy. Which this album delivers.

There is a tune on here for every type of junglist/drum and bass head. Something for the yoots, for the chillaxers, the tech steppers, and the junglist soldiers. Which right now in the culture is a rare experience to delve into an album that celebrates diversity in its works. And challenges us to love and appreciate all styles of drum and bass, not just the ones in our selected echo chamber.

This album was released Oct. 2nd 2020

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