I.C.U & Replete ‘Push The Button’/Resurgence’ [Korsakov Music]

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

Korsakov is back at it this week with another bag of bangers; I.C.U and Replete’s “Resurgence” and “Push the Button”. The two extremely vigorous tracks on this release will add high-powered energy and driving basslines to your sets. Crank up the volume, push the (play) button, and take a listen to what I.C.U and Replete are unleashing on Korsakov Music.


Sub-sonic sounds stutter to life drudging from the darkest depths as they formulate a steady bounce consuming the build. Heart thumping beats pop and snap as an inquisitive voice arises then turning to taunt the audience to ”Push the Button”. The intensity is peaked tumbling into the drop as a manic melee of drum and bass ensues. The bass beats from every angle as powerful chords strike amidst vocal cuts and wild rhythms this one is sure to get the crowd involved, keeping them on their toes in a full bounce as the track smashes on. The second drop delivers all out devastation as I.C.U. and Replete bring animated energy that whomps and winds through this dynamic neurofunk DJ weapon. ‘I dare you to… push the button’.


A mysterious build winds through “Resurgence” like a maze as it crawls with ease supplying faint beats and high end vocalizations surging and bulging as it carries on to a full spectrum of sound. Monster basslines rage at the drop, roaring to consume entire measures and beyond as the kicks rocket through colorfully filled with dainty keys that twist amidst the filth. Angelic harmonies glide with a glimmer of light as the darkness continues to devour the floor ripping through time and space as “Resurgence” from I.C.U and Replete fills the mix with the fullest sounds.

You’ll want to secure your copy of this sic release from I.C.U and Replete on Korsakov Music available now on Beatport! CLICK THIS LINK! 

Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass we’ll keep tabs on this rising Korsakov star as I.C.U has more planned for 2022 and we can’t wait to hear it all and share it with you!



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