Ice-O-Later ‘Gunman EP’ [Ignescent Recordings]


Incoming neurofunk nastiness from a fresh new side project, Ice-O-Later, comprised of Moscow based producers Valrus and Mayel will be dropping a quadruple stack of menacing tracks on Ignescent Recordings next week. Prepare for total destruction with the impending doom of the ‘Gunman EP’ full of intense drum compositions and the beastliest basslines to amp up the energy in your neurofunk mixes.

Ticking in like a time bomb “Cholera” builds the suspense playing upon synths and pads over a light rhythm building intently to detonate at the drop. Mechanical nerurofunk madness is unleashed as “Cholera” shreds and pulverizes with brutal basslines whipping every which way. This composition is riddled with beastly breaks that warp and fade into infectious, intricate rhythms that snap and flow belting through the bins resulting in mass hysteria on the dance floor.

“Gunman” follows suit spiralling in amidst warped, synthetic sounds slipping in and out of the darkness as the beat kicks in over a light vocalization abruptly exploding straight into the drop. Attacking with maximum firepower “Gunman” grinds the gears in an all out assault of masterfully manipulated beats creating a solid rhythm that heavily bounces along to blast the mix into high gear. Deep neurofunk basslines run wild to create a complex composition boasting a bit of a funky flare with electrifying effects unravelling in the aftermath of the destruction left behind by Ice-O-Later’s “Gunman”.

Prowling in with extreme trepidation “Parasite” absorbs in terror as whispers cut through the darkness prompting a swift drop to cut straight to the chase. Punchy kicks layered intensely shine steadying the structure of this track as thick basslines travel low and unhinged, increasing the energy with every beat. “Parasite” is a solid exhibition of heavy neurofunk madness and will shatter the dance floor to bits in the mix.

“Subdual” wraps up the ‘Gunman EP’ flawlessly with a lengthier intro to instigate intensity. Horns cry out beckoning the drum line that gallops through with freshly broken beats slipping into sassy synths erupting in an arpeggio that reintroduces the rhythm pounding harder racing ferociously toward the drop, a forewarning of the carnage about to ensue. Absolute insanity is unveiled as the beat pumps through deranged drum work and the highs seize the energy smashing complex and colourful in conquest to annihilate the dance floor. Pounding stabs and delirious breaks boost the vehemence of “Subdual” as the bassline thumps vigorously in unison. Ice-O-Later nails it with this one; “Subdual” is definitely a high energy neurofunk track to side right to the top of the playlist.

Grab your copy of the ‘Gunman EP’ on Ignescent Recordings September 14, 2020 or pre-order on Beatport now. 




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