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State of Mind Remixes LP on Eatbrain

Featuring Remixes by IHR, Synergy, Mob Tactics and a VIP of Giant

Buying this State of Mind Remixes LP by Eatbrain is a no brainier!! They do not disappoint on this four track LP. The originals they remix are all great tracks, you hear them all the time on many DJ’s sets online and in the venue, including this DJ.  We have a VIP of Giant, and then IHR, Synergy and the mighty Mob Tactics each take a track on this killer Eatbrain LP.

Let’s start with State of Mind – Giants VIP (Original Mix).  We get hit with that familiar tone and rhythm from the non-VIP right out the gate and into a nice remixed drop.  You still have a solid feel that it is Giant on the first drop, the bass rhythm is there from the original but more neuro. They kept that nice Giant vocal sample but used it slightly different. Now the second drop…DAMN son! I don’t want to spoil it, go grab a listen! Over all this VIP version of Giant is…well it’s a VIP!

The next track is State of Mind & Jade – Highlander (IHR Remix). Loads of heavy neuro bass on this one. There is a techno style high beeping tone in here, it goes well and its not overly done either. Even tho this is the longest track on the LP at 4:25 it felt the shortest to me.  That might have to do with it just rolling along…There can be only one!

So Synergy steps up next and takes State of Mind & Kryptomedic – Time Slip (Synergy Remix) up a few notches. Heavy deep funky bass keeps this solid roller going.  You got some male vocals throughout both drops but not so much when this heavy beat is rolling along. I like the highs used when breaking down for the build up for the second drop that just resonates. I think this remix by Synergy is my favorite of this LP!

The mighty Mob Tactics took State of Mind – Bypass (Mob Tactics Remix) and flipped it on its head.  I enjoyed the quick samples throughout the track. There is the signature Mob Tactics break down and build up into a glorious second drop. It has the rolling neurofunk heavy bass and banging snare that we come to know and love. This track was a banger and not to be bypassed. I think we will hear this one on dance floors all over!

Guys, it’s Eatbrain, they have a tendency as we all know of bringing the fire! They did not disappoint on this State of Mind Remixes LP.  All four of these remixed tracks are going into my future sets and once you listen to them, you’re gonna toss them into your sets as well!

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