Impex – Conflict & Confrontation EP – Dirtbox Recordings

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Releases, Tunes

What’s up peeps!

Now, there’s a little label I feature quite a lot who are just relentless with their releases, they’ve only just put out their 50th release which was a huge 26-track remix LP, you can check out my article here!

Dirtbox are back with a nasty little EP from Impex.  A neuro artist who I’ve been particularly impressed with of late.

The release opens with a track called The Knot which has a really sinister intro with an evil laugh layered over the top which is just downright spooky.  Then a bassline kicks in which sounds like a swarm of killer bees, this leads us to a really filthy drop that is heavy but laid back at the same time with a really dirty roller and kind of gives me old Barcode Recordings vibes. 

Next up we have Conflict & Confrontation, the title track from this beastly release.  With yet another sinister intro, with a gospel build up which starts to get all twisted just before the drop that hits you with an offbeat snare and hardy bassline, quite frankly the tune is an absolute weapon.

Lastly we have a tune called Synth Psycho which kind of has lonely vibes trudging through some cold barren landscape looking for shelter.  It really tells a story and the drop is no different, it slaps you across the face with this melodic synth that brings tune and rhythm to this track.  A pretty heavy track but also very much a beautifully produced piece of music.  

The release is out today on Dirtbox Recordings.  Click the artwork below to take you to the purchase page!


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Absolute D&B nut! Love any type of Drum & Bass really but Neuro is my main passion. I got into D&B back in around 2004 where I started going raving, I then discovered heavier D&B in the form of Renegade Hardware nights in London which I attended almost every one for several years. Having developed my listening style with how the music has evolved I love the freshest tunes as well as the old ones! I've been mixing for fun since around 2005 and just love playing in front of people and sharing the music with likeminded people.