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Sundays are perfect for chillout vibes and that’s precisely what we have with this three track outing from Florida-based deejay and producer Impression. A relative newcomer as far as music production goes, you may know of him from his weekly radio show on Bassdrive that he’s been holding down for well over a decade alongside a plethora of other heavy hitters in the scene. From the quality and depth of the music he’s been putting out, it’s obvious that he has an ear for sounds that speak to the soul, and these tunes are certainly no exception. Kick back and take in the vibes as we jump into the deep end of drum and bass with the fresh “Stand Tall EP” featuring collaborations with Qumulus and Teknical,¬†out now on Influenza Media.

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About the tunes…

Organic sounds lead the way on the opening title track “Stand Tall” featuring Qumulus. With layers carefully syncopated, dancing around each other while the vibe builds up, a soothing vocal melody takes center stage in this ensemble. Never jarring but constantly evolving, we are taken through several waves of sound and emotion with pad layers swelling effortlessly to keep us floating along, while the vocal track settles into a more secondary role in the composition. The tune manages to keep building momentum without ever becoming congested, and the breakdown somehow generates and releases tension at the same time. This one is a great fit for both the Friday night and Sunday afternoon playlists.

Next we drop into a vibe equally as soulful but with a bit more funk in its roots. “I Wish”, the first of two tunes on this release featuring Teknical, leads with an expansive shuffling rhythm to immediately establish the mood and cadence. New elements gradually make their appearance known, pushing forward with intent yet carefully balanced. A mostly unassuming drop follows, bringing forth a more candid injection of piano riffs and horn hits to carry the track through its paces. With a steady rolling undertow, this one is the perfect soundtrack for your leisurely Sunday afternoon drive.

Last but not least is the tune “Only In My Dreams”, the second of two collaborations with Teknical on this release. This one sees a bit more variation and technicality in the percussion rhythms and a build up with a slightly sinister feel to it. If the first two tracks were driven mostly by melody, this one lets the drums shine with a more minimalist approach to the composition with a bit of an introspective vibe. Moody basslines set a foundation for layers that continue to build throughout the track. Interspersed vocals are simultaneously soothing and inquisitive, as if beckoning to have a conversation with your innermost consciousness. By the end you’re left with a sense that all is well and right with the universe, primed for whatever journey comes next.

In conclusion…

With this standout EP from Impression, it’s safe to say that his is a name worth looking out for in the future. With a handful of tunes already out in the wild and a string of forthcoming releases already in queue, it’s exciting to imagine how he will further develop his sound and style. Be sure to check out his weekly Bassdrive show “Lab Sessions” each and every Sunday evening at 7pm ET, and follow his socials to be among the first to know when his next tunes will drop.




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