InsideInfo – 2 Minds [VIPER]

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Tunes

The legend that is InsideInfo delivers one of the most technologically advanced albums to hit the scene in a while. For the past ten years Paul Inside info has been making and remixing some of the most out of the box drum and bass the world has heard. He’s now given us his debut album in the form of 14 absolutely incredible tunes thats have been shaking things up all around the globe. Bringing old school, new school and yet to be heard sounds all into one massive package if you have listened to this, stop what you’re doing and give this some undivided attention!

2 Minds is an example of InsideInfos versatile sound, starting out the tune with an alienesque and other worldly soundscape with ticks and clicks progression in the background. The tune evolves into a deep and saturated ambient world with the sound of creeping beings faintly making noise. The tension is broken into a analog twisted vocal sample stretched until its inaudible firing into a silky smooth drop, where the percussion is snappy and the bass line is deep, keeping the sound moody and personal with various technical fills creating a futuristic atmosphere, glass can be briefly heard shattering whimsically in slow motion as if it was in zero gravity before carrying on into the tune.

This is one of the most progressive tunes and albums currently released at the moment with InsideInfo’s control over his sound and incredible style this one is not to be slept on. His album is out now on Viper Recordings and you definitely need to give it a listen!

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