InsideInfo – Glimpse (feat. Fable) [VIPER]

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Tunes

The time is getting closer to one of quite possibly the hottest albums of the year. InsideInfo has long been a staple in the drum and bass scene with his contributions far and wide in a diverse style of sound. He’s remixed some of the biggest anthems in the game while delivering fresh and innovating sounds on his solo projects. InsideInfo can be heard collaborating with friends on a multitude of joint efforts creating some absolutely smashing tunes that have been played across the planet far and wide. We are extremely anxious to hear what he has in store for his debut LP. Lets dive into this amazing track of the album.

InsideInfo’s ” Glimpse” featuring the incredible Fable starts out with an otherworldly feel with soft struck piano chords and and heavily atmospheric synths and bone chilling vocals sending waves of euphoria down your spine and filling the air with an unmistakeable electricity bringing a sense of wonder and awe into your mind.  The mood is suddenly taking a turn for the dark as Fables vocals dissipate into air as a earth shattered reese bass whirls into the forefront and hard kicks uprising onto the surface into a heaping display of power. The drop demolishes all in its path with signature inside info percussion hammering away while a battle of light and darkness play onto the sound with Fables vocals effortlessly filled the gaps of InsideInfo’s slamming basslines and fantasy like aura’s heard in the effects.

This tune is nothing short of epic covering all the bases of making it by far one of the hottest tracks of this year so far. Stay tuned to Best Drum and Bass and Viper Recordings for more coverage as one of the hottest LP’s of the year inches closer to release. Let us know what you think about this one!

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