Insideinfo & Hybrid Minds -Split it two- Beneath

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Tunes

I stumbled across this track a short time ago and I knew I instantly have to have a listen. Two of my favorite drum and bass artists, Insideinfo and Hybrid Minds  came did together for a collab called ‘Breath’. This song starts with a long intro but it does keep you engaged, maybe its because you know the drop will be nothing less then spectacular. At minute 1.29, you are not left empty handed as the song drops into dark hitting noises that is well known from Insideinfo but this song is also meshed with liquid gold, the kind that is always expect from Hybrid Minds. This song is a perfect blend, a Ying and Yang if you will, between two amazing heavyweights and their signature sounds. It also has a second breakdown about half way into the track and then wraps up nicely at the end.

Some background on these heavyweight hitters, Insideinfo is from the UK and was a product of the 1990’s drum and bass era. He has label affiliates from Viper, Virus, Critical, Charge, Blackout, Ram Records, Hospital, Renegade Hardware, Breed 12 Inches, Blu Mar Ten and Spearhead. He is known to remix with artists Maxim, Mampi Swift, DC Breaks, Hybrid Minds, Kryptic Minds, Black Sun Empire, Usual Suspects and The Prototypes.
Hybrid Minds  are also out of the UK and have been on the forefront of liquid drum and bass for many years. They have firmly established themselves as a production duo and DJ partnership as two of the most exciting new acts working within bass music today.

A song from these two together is nothing more then amazing! Check out the song played at Let it Roll!

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