InsideInfo – Spychase [VIPER]

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Tunes

The mind behind countless works of drum and bass mastery level production is back on Viper Recordings with a hot new single. Insideinfo time and time again has proven to be one of the most versatile and consistent producers in the pack with his incredible sound design and production methods separating his sound from a sea of so many sound-alikes within the game. He’s remixed some of the the most legendary classics recently giving his touches on Kryptic Minds the truth. In more recent times his work with Miss Trouble can be heard from every side of the globe smashing dancefloors and festivals all throughout.

His latest contribution to the world of drum and bass music is a track entitled ” Spychase” which is appropriately named for the sounds.. Spychase starts of with the orchestral elements of a onslaught of stringed instruments to build tension paired with a clap and whimsical elements teasing in the distance. The atmosphere is transformed into a wild arena of flute playing with an epic transformation of the percussion building up rapidly before jumping into a neck snapping drop. Spychase barrels into a gritty stepping punisher capable of doing huge damage to the dancefloor. Insideinfo maintains full composure blending the high class orchestral elements with shoe throwing reese bass from another realm and pan smashing drums that can be felt through the thickest of walls.

Overall this is yet another huge release for Insideinfo and Viper Recordings and one can only feel like theres something brewing on the horizon for this veteran producer. We are receiving intel from an intercepted espionage communication telling us that the agent has an album coming out around late March / April. Full details have not been disclosed yet but we assure you we will be keeping you updated with any information on this LP of epic proportions as intel is received. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for this one! /// End Transmission

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