Internal – As You Do [Tesseract Recordings]

by | May 9, 2016 | Tunes

In the pursuit of new and interesting music, nothing can beat that feeling of when you discover a new artist or label. There you are crate digging, loading up on music to check out in hopes to finding a hidden gem. Then it happens. Maybe it’s the breaks. It could be the way a bass or synth line progresses. A vocal part sitting perfectly with in the track. It could be any of those insights that capture your attention. If it’s an EP and the whole thing gives you that feeling, then you know you have found something special. That was how I felt when I came across the clips for the forthcoming release from Internal on Tesseract Recordings entitled “The Oppressor EP”.

All four tracks will be spending time in my upcoming shows with out question, but the tune that stood out to me was “As You Do”. It starts of with the high hat intro and a combination organic and computer generated atmospherics leading up to the almost brooding sounding break, reverb heavy pads and FX’s and what seems to be processed sitar snippets. There is a perfect balance between the break and musical elements that give this track room to breath and develop. It is a sparser track with as much going on in between the notes then in the music its self. It reminds me of the way Sun Ra or the Headhunters were able to use the space between to create a new dialog with in the track. If you can enjoy a more cerebral style of drum and bass, this is a track and EP for you to pick up!

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