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Dungeon Kru is at it again.

After topping UK download charts and receiving wide-ranging support for their “Genesis” EP, Liondub unleashes the second in a series of EP’s from new signing, Dungeon Kru. Perpetually on the hunt to uncover the next coveted dance floor weapon, enduring Toronto-based audio collective Dungeon Kru return with even more inspired music. Welcoming Manchester, UK’s Visuals to the fold, founding members DJ Slick & Willy Gyalis are poised to leave an indelible impression on the Drum & Bass landscape. On this 2nd EP “Forward”, Dungeon Kru continue to set a very high standard for dark and hard-hitting productions unlike any others. This is unique, next level Reggae & Dancehall inspired Jungle Drum & Bass music.

Dungeon Kru has this undeniable sound that just emanates darkness and holds immense weight. This 2nd EP “Forward” provides pure madness coming from a team of dancefloor technicians. This release is straightforward business pulling no punches with no frills whatsoever.

From the very first track, “No Sound“, you understand that Dungeon Kru can deliver a powerful message while sticking to very few elements. It is this focused execution that makes their music so memorable and fun to listen to.

Sedative” is a groovy roller with a more pensive and airy feel. It is reminiscent of their earlier chart-topping hit, “Pushing” with that warm bass synth driving the melody throughout. My favorite part of listening to these tunes are hearing the drums and basslines develop as the tune progresses.

The collabs on this release absolutely smash it to bits. With Convoy, we get this dark and deep head nodder of a track with wompy bass and creepy vocals called “Body Parts“. This is the swampy and gross Dungeon Kru that I love to hear. Also, the Master Error remix of “Shake Ya Bumpa” is just ridiculous and I would describe it as vomit-inducing. I would not be surprised if this is the tune that makes the neighbors come knocking.

Impossible” was a favorite of mine on their last release with Liondub and the “Impossible VIP” does not disappoint! The snare is cracking while the bassline is being grounded down to a fine dust. The vocals check in every so often like a dark passenger giving orders over a walkie-talkie. It is not for the faint of heart, but if it doesn’t get the room shaking and grooving, they might not have a pulse.

Shut Ya Mouth” has a sweet intro with the most shredding distorted wickedness afterwards. It is absolutely savage. I really question the sanity of this team they call the Dungeon Kru. The madness of this track makes you want to lose your head! An absolute dancefloor weapon. The release wraps up with “Dis Sound” which comes in on a nice, cool, calm and collected tip, then bangs out with massive, buzzy stabs and a funky, driving 808 bassline.

Dungeon Kru is made up of founding members DJ Slick & Willy Gyalis along with Visuals. I got to ask a few questions to them about the release and learn about how they came to be.

How did you start making music?

We have been DJs for years and dabbled in production here and there. When the pandemic started, we were bored and decided to give it a go again. Was chatting with our friend Visuals and we started showing each other projects we were working on. We decided to have a go at some tunes together. We have very similar tastes in music. 1 month later, we had a bunch of music ready to send out.

How would you describe the music you make? What influences your sound?

I would say we make minimal jump up with a heavy influence from Reggae and Dancehall. As for influences, it could be anything. We have 3 producers in the group. So it could be anything from how we are feeling personally or a sample we hear in a song.

Which song on the release is your personal favorite?


Why is it your favorite?

The bassline.

What inspired your name?

We had a set up in my parents basement. We had a few homies that just started calling us the Dungeon Kru. Cause all we did was hang out in the basement, run tunes and smoke the place out. So we just ran with the name.

Tell me about your musical process. How do your songs usually come together?

Willy and Slick usually start off with a sample we are digging. Build some drums and riffs. Then we send it off to Visuals. He will then send back an arrangement. And we go from there. Willy and Slick are in Toronto and Visuals is from Manchester. So we haven’t actually all been in the studio together yet.

What is most important to you when putting together a tune? (What do you focus on the most?)

The dance floor. We try to make music that will make people dance.

Tell me about your latest release.

We are really excited about it. We were able to collab with a wicked up n comer Convoy and we got a remix from one of our favorite new producers in the game Master Error.

What’s the DNB music scene like in your area?

Toronto has always had a strong DNB scene with an abundance of talent. Manchester maybe the hottest spot for new talent in DNB at the moment

Tell me about your relationship with Liondub and how has your experience been working with the label, Liondub International?

Slick and Willy have met him a few times over the years, playing gigs. When we started making tunes. We thought that he might be interested. So we crossed our fingers and sent him tunes. He scooped them up immediately. The label has always been one of our favorite labels. So was an absolute honor to sign with him. He has become a mentor for us and major supporter. We can’t thank him enough for the opportunities. We talk everyday and he is like a big brother to us. We have a tune of huge projects on the way, with some artists we never imagined we would be working with. So big thanks to Erik (Liondub).

Dungeon Kru – “Forward” EP on Liondub International is available now on all major music outlets.

Purchase here >>> Dungeon Kru – Forward [Liondub International]



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