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by | May 15, 2016 | Spotlight

Harry Hackett A.K.A. Gerra and David Stone comprise the London/Bristol-based duo, Gerra & Stone. Anyone that’s been digging into drum ‘n bass since 2012 has undoubtedly come across some of the duo’s greatest gems, including their contributions to Ram Records’ RAMsterdam Drum & Bass, L.I.E.S. (The Jungle VIP), Unbreakable on Dispatch Recordings, and Anywhere But Here, the title track from their debut EP on Proximity Recordings in 2012.

Drum ‘n bass tends to have two sorts of artists – the ones that have a specific sound and stick to it; and there are those that dance around the box, versatile with many flavors – This is Gerra & Stone. From smooth rollers to minimal techy goodness to dark smashers, the duo can do it all.

Originally introduced through mutual friends, Gerra & Stone started out as resident DJs for local drum ‘n bass nights before moving on to the production front. Their first release, Anywhere But Here EP was released on Proximity Recordings in 2012. The response was so great, that Gerra & Stone went on to release four more on the label, including Test Chamber b/w Subconscious and Crimson; as well as spots on Proximity Effect Volume 2 and 3.

After gaining momentum and much attention for their talent and adaptability, the two would be picked up by Dispatch Recordings, and Andy C‘s mighty ProgRAM and Ram Recordings – “Drum ‘n bass is a unique music, incorporating influences from nearly every other musical genre out there – techno, house, hip hop, dub, reggae, metal, jazz, soul, classical… The list goes on. Why would you want to stick to one style?” Stone comments.

The two have been running the gamut across the world, performing in the United States in March, hitting such prolific spots as Organized Grime San Diego, Stamina Sundays, Respect LA, and Suspended in a Sunbeam Music Festival. In addition, Canada, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and Italy have witnessed the duo’s prowess. Future dates will see Gerra & Stone enter France and Germany, and of course, more music for fans across their homeland.

Keep an ear to the ground for some thunderous releases, including collaborations with Cern and Amoss for Dispatch 100, and a remix EP of the 2015 release, Unbreakable, featuring reconfigurations by Zero T, Mako, and Blocks & Escher.

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