Interview: Rubix (BE) – Moonlight [Divination Recordings]

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After his Divination debut with Toss-T, Rubix was bound to make a return to the Divination imprint. He is back with another refreshing liquid tune. This time, a solo release from the Belgian artist landing right here at home in the US.

This track has a complex, yet charming sound that encapsulates your soul with emotion. It can really take you away with its introspective and deep vibes. The intro beckons you to close your eyes and listen. It leads into a fresh percussion kit with accents of horns and tones as you transcend.  This is a jazzy and clean offering from Rubix. The second act even features jungle breaks to spice things up. Divination has once again brought us a track that is sure to bring peace and harmony to those looking to transcend into its warm embrace.

I was lucky enough to have Rubix answer a few questions about his single. Check out the interview below.

How did you start making music?

I was raised in a Christian family and we played instruments in church. I have 3 older brothers who are also really passionate about music. I learned to play the guitar at 10 years old. And sang a lot with friends of mine at youth camps. I’ve been searching for another way to express my music, so that’s why I started with electronic music production. My brother really helped me with teaching me the basics about FL Studio. He makes music for movies, and he’s really talented.

How would you describe the music you make? What influences your sound?

I’d describe my sound as Ambient Liquid Drum and Bass. I like to use a lot of dreamy sounds and pads. I really like the music of Seba, Pola and Bryson and Keeno. I’d like to mirror myself to those talents as they use really beautiful structures and chord progressions.

What inspired your name?

I honestly don’t have a real reason behind it. I thought it sounded nice 😃

Tell me about your musical process. How do your songs usually come together?

I start by playing some riffs on my guitar. If I find something nice, I try to convert that into FL Studio. It’s a process of trial and error, I really like the simplicity of beautiful chord progressions, so I try to make that the core of my music.

When you’re in the studio, do you have any rituals?

I don’t really have rituals I think. I used to make my music in the classroom the last 3 years of high school. If I feel like it, I start making music. Apart from that, I do like a good coffee with me, as I mostly produce late at night when everything else is quiet around me.

What is most important to you when putting together a tune? (What do you focus on the most?)

I tend to search for that sweet spot. I’ve made dozens of tracks where I don’t really ‘feel’ it. And most of the time those songs never get finished. I want to get goosebumps at times and I try to make others feel that same thing. If the music speaks to me, then it’s good for release.

Tell me about your latest release.

I have a bunch of music coming in September, but the last track I released was on Divination also. It’s called “Impatient”. It’s a track I made with my friend Jeroen (Toss-T). He showed me some of his tracks and he had a track with a beautiful vocal on it. So I asked him to send me that file. I tried some chord progressions and later on the track was born, and we could release it thanks to Will (Theatrix).

What’s the DNB music scene like in your area?

The Drum and Bass scene here in Antwerp is mostly Jump Up. There are some Liquid or deep DNB parties here but they’re limited. This is the reason why I play harder music when I play live. I’d love it if Liquid DNB would become more popular here, but I feel like there’s not that much room for Liquid here in Belgium.

Any local artists we should keep an eye out for?

N23 and D3RV . Both really nice liquid DNB producers who deserve way more credit!

Tell me about your relationship with Theatrix (Wil) and how has your experience been working with the label, Divination International?

I think Wil is a really hard worker. He’s really reliable and is really passionate about the label and the music. He was the first one to offer me a label contract, and I’m really grateful for that.

How do you feel about pushing your sound on Divination International compared to other labels?

Divination was the first label who gave me a chance to promote my music. I’m really happy with their work. They do a lot of work behind the scenes, like getting ratings and reactions of other DNB artists. I really love that, so I hope to release more music on the label.

Moonlight” by Rubix is set to drop September 1st under the light of the full moon.




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