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In this week’s article, I sit down with the hometown hero, DC/Baltimore’s own Dvine MC!! She has recently hosted 3D Productions Presents: A.M.C & Turno as well as The World of Drum & Bass in Baltimore! Her new EP “Through The Looking Glass” is out June 21st on major digital platforms such as Spotify.

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The Interview

J: Thanks for taking a bit of time out of your day to complete this interview with me. I’ve made it known to all the readers out there that you are Drum & Bass MC. As far as I know, you are the only female Drum & Bass MC repping the DC area. Correct me if I’m wrong though! How did you get started with that?

Dvine:  As far as I know and I’ve been in the game ten years now, I am the only one in the DMV/Tristate area with only one or two more on the East Coast. I’m a transplant from the metal scene and fortunately enough of my guys made the switch to DNB and Dubstep and they let me spit over their sets and eventually I developed my sound.

J: You’re also a Grime lyricist, right? I recently saw a Facebook Live of you spitting over Grime. Big ups on that!

Dvine: Yes, my first EP was 140 stuff. I’ve always kept a toe dipped in the deeper darker side of Dubstep and some of my elders suggested I have a go with Grime. Writing 140 verses really challenges me and I love it.

J: Are you from here originally?

Dvine: I’m a Baltimore girl, born and raised!

J: Represent! When did you begin doing this? Also, are you involved in bass music in any other way?

Dvine: 2010 was my first real show as an emcee. I have a hip hop side project called the Conscious Collective with our producer and MC Nick Shades and also a House/Club Side project called BDM which stands for Baltimore Dance Mob with Mikey Bones our in Cali. Both of these include Brian BHOP Hopkins our musical genius. Mainly I enjoy being an inspiration and visionary in the studio, finding sounds, naming tunes, working on content and art. Telling my homies to stop sitting on sounds and finish it! Hahaha

J: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the AMC & Turno show that you hosted for 3D Productions recently. I heard that it was an amazing show though. This was your first show with 3D, correct? How did it go? I was really bummed that I wasn’t able to make it.

Dvine: I started Mcing for 3D a couple of years ago. I was invited on the mic in the Jungle room by a few of my OGs at the Dox back in the day at Apocalypse but Dom approached me officially for hosting Reid Speed which was an honor and since then he’s put me on for Aphrodite and then Nu:Logic. All the parties have been a vibe and very successful. I really love the venues in DC. It was surreal being asked to be resident for 3D and hosting for A.M.C. And TURNO. I’m just grateful to be involved.

J: Welcome to the 3D Family, officially! That Nu:Logic show was my birthday party, unofficially. Are you with any other crews, locally or nationally?

Dvine: Originally my first crew was Broken Beatz Underground but a lot of those gentlemen have moved on so I keep the page up to date with what all of us locals are up to. Currently I’m a Resident MC for Bloc 2 Bloc Entertainment Radio in the U.K. Brian aka BHOP and I hold down a weekly show on Sundays alternating one week 140 bits the next week DNB/ Jungle. Now Repping for 3D of course and you’re the first for me to share this with but I am the newest addition to the DNB Girls of America! I couldn’t be happier to have such an amazing group of Women to back me. We are just waiting on the formal press release for that.

J: Congratulations on all of the affiliations! Tell me about your influences.

Dvine: Well being that I’m classically trained and an old school chorus gal I think it might surprise ya that I love ladies like Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Fiona Apple My more metal days would be Lamb of God, Pantera and The Deftones DNB/ Jungle Nucleus, Mantra, Djinn, Indika, Benny L, Lenzman, Jappa, Aries Dubstep/ Grime would have to be Zygos, Argo, Opus, Hip Hop would be Bless the Shahmen, Jean Grae, Mac Miller, Missy Elliot Labels I’m really feeling in the UK hip hop world are Bad Taste Records, Yogocop Sport Records, Blah Records and Highfocus Records As you can see across all genres I like deeper, darker tunes in general.

J: What are some new releases that you are feeling?

H: Sheesh there is so much fire coming out right now! DNB would be Dj Limited – The Elephant, Lupo – Circuits, Stompz – 1995 Dubstep would be Mrshl – Concussion, Ago Above E.P., Khonsu – Fall Back

J: What else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Dvine: I honestly spend all my free time in the studio or if we go hiking in the woods or camping at a music festival we have our tascam. Lately I’ve been making Artwork for our singles and photo edits for my friends that are artists and musicians.

J: Is there anything else that you would like for people to know about yourself?

Dvine: I’m a Stylist, Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, Nail Technician and Holistic Practitioner. Pretty much anything metaphysical I’m your gal. A guide from the inside out and I love styling and working with other artists bringing their creative expression outward into their look. I guess that about sums me up. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. It’s been a real pleasure. Big ups and Big Love.

J: Big ups to you as well! My pleasure. Hope to see you soon.  BOH!

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