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Releasing Oct. 2nd 2020

This week I would like to dig into a release by a Stateside label known as Tactical Audio. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Tactical has been consistently busy releasing tunes and mixes. Taking in some of the best old and new stateside/global talent onto its roster. Artists such as Dsurr, BMA, Pish Posh, Dropset, Neo-Geo, & Marc Baca. This label has set a clear goal. To bring forth the standardized sounds of the late 90’s/early 2000’s tech step/rollers era. With an intentional fusion of modern sound design and relevant music trends, Tactical making a pretty good case for being a staple within the US dnb scene.


THE TUNES //////

True Nature kicks off the A-side of this release. This is a bonifide tech stepper for sure. Equipped with all of the right elements. There is an array of futuristic glitch elements. Sonar bleeps, living mainframes, and cyborg squelches help to convert living AI into a soundscape. The drums come through with a bouncing groove that gets you up immediately. Reminiscent of older Teebee/ Calyx  tech steppers. Crunching basslines that crash in and out of the forefront of the track. Lending a depth of darkness and juxtaposition to a synth line driving the whole tune. Add in a sci-fi inspired sample to tie it all together. And now we have a stamped and approved sci-fi banger to rock upon.

Rain is the second cut off of this release. This is taking us into heavy roller territory! Comes out the gate with pure energy. Elements of this tune take the listener to about 4 different eras of dnb. You get some of those Grooverider vibes. Splashed with bits of RAM and Twisted Anger in the bassbins. Rain is one of those tunes that has so many layers it makes late night super nachos look plain. A mystical female voice drones in to add a hook. For the most part, the weaving of amens in and out of themselves are the star of the tune. Twisting back and forth between three different bass leads, the rhythm section of this tune  will have the heads run to the floor , finger guns up, yelling “AY AY AY AY AY”. I look forward to hearing this type of dnb come back to the forefront of the genre.


I was able to get a minute with label owner and artist Intrinzic. So lets chat!


Hey there, intrinzic. Tell us a little about how you got started in dnb?

Hello, I have been into a lot of different kinds of electronic music since going to my first show in 1994. Back then it was early jungle, as the bpms sped up and later branching off into the many forms of dnb we have today. I always felt it was the sound of the future & the past with how many other sounds it’s infused with. 2012 is when producing and playing it became my artistic calling. That is when I had my 1st release.

When did you decide to start Tactical Audio?

It was 2018 after having several releases with other labels, from those good & bad experiences,   I decided to start my own imprint working with other artists that have an interesting sound. Helping others get their sounds out there also it pushes me as a producer when filling in the e.p’s between our featured artists.

What labels and artists do you feel make the dnb you want to hear right now?

I have been a huge Break fan for many years, he keeps evolving his sound with each new release. Artists I have been really feeling lately are Wingz, T>I, Kanine, Document One, Lowriderz, Skeptical, DSurr, DEBT, BMA, NEO-GEO.  Label wise Symmetry, SINE ,Flexout Audio, Delta9, Overview, Critical music, Dispatch recordings all have been pushing the sound forward.

What would you say is your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing tunes?

I get inspiration from a lot of different places. The artists I work with TA all inspire me in different ways. The new tunes I buy to feature in mixes and live streams. Also I am very much into science fiction which also I get a lot of inspiration from. Sometimes life events also have a way of being expressed through my tunes.

Talking about tunes. This upcoming release by you has multiple elements of old techy elements. Yet brings them forward by weaving the modern roller style into the mix. Is that intentional? or just something that happened naturally?

Thank you for noticing those elements as a DJ, I buy a lot of new tunes monthly and also have been collecting vinyl for many years.  When I am feeling creative, I try to make tunes that have some nods to the past yet still incorporate modern elements. I try  not to sound exactly like any certain artist or vibe. It’s like a form of automatic writing it always happens naturally almost subconsciously. 

What are your feelings on the future of post COVID dnb? Especially now that it seems as if with the loss of venues, the huge divide on the issue, and the amount of cancellations happening. What is your take on where we are now, and the recovery ?

Well, It’s a strange time, I see the huge divide. I understand that some people just want things to get back to the way they were. Party like it’s over, it is a real situation. My day job I speak to people from around the world. I hear some tough real life stories of people’s experiences with COVID. Direct relatives of mine have been affected by it.  It’s tough to see venues that have been staples of our local nightlife be shuttered, tours world wide canceled, servers, bartenders and artists/entertainers suffer through this. I personally have been taking the quarantine seriously for my house hold’s safety. Currently It’s been great to see everyone move to streaming, it’s not the same of course as an in person show. We all have had to adapt worldwide, It also is a great time to focus on our many very talented state side producers & DJ’s. The recovery would be great to see when it’s safe to do so.

What’s coming down the pipeline for Tactical Audio?

I just want to shout out to all of our artists that have released with us & continue to do so. Each new release pushes the vibes forward. Every year I try something different first was our shirts, then the printed USB drives, this year was our first full L.P. and it’s been an amazing journey! I am very proud of all of our artists seeing some of them release with other labels and see their sounds grow. I am not sure the exact date but to press some vinyl has been a goal and something we will be doing in the near future. 

This release come out on all major platforms Oct. 2nd, 2020 worldwide.

be sure to check Intrinzic and Tactical Audio’s future and past releases here:

Here is the play through mix of this release


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