Intrinzic – This Can’t Be Real (FREE Download)

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Tunes

About a year or so ago a few good friends whose taste in music I know I can trust all had asked me if I had heard the music of this guy in Arizona named Intrinzic. I had seen his name around and I knew we were in a few groups on social media together, but honestly I had not heard his music. One night I was gathering music for a show and saw his name in my Soundcloud feed and clicked the link and this blend of deep and techy edged music filled my headphones. It had that something. That something that at times is hard to describe, but you know comes from a very special and deep place. I was hooked. This guy is one to watch with out question. With releases on Convex, Fluid State, Patrol The Skies, and Audio Theory there are more then enough examples of his special blend of music out there for you to check out.


I was lucky enough to have an advanced copy of this when he finished it and loved it instantly. The deep kicks and clap snares paired with what sounds like a mix of pitched down chellos and submarine alarms set the tone before a soulful, ethereal woman’s voice makes its way in to take you away to somewhere else where you cant help but ask if this is real. The drum fills roll out and bring it all back and rolls out more deep vibe filled drum and bass. This one can fit into just about any set or stand on its own. Top notch music from Intrinzic no doubt. Oh, and its free. Stop reading this and go download it now….

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