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by | Aug 27, 2017 | Tunes

Consistency Of Error is the debut LP of an Italian trio known as Inward, Hanzo & Randie. I’ve spent all of summer 2017 eagerly awaiting this release, in hopes that it would shake neuro drum & bass out of its mundane complacency— I’m overjoyed to let you all know how it has delivered.

The album opens with “Skorpio”, a high-energy, catchy track which makes use of a high-pitched, vowel-filtered melodic synth for its intro, before dropping into a familiar-sounding percussive lead.

Probably the most distinctive tracks of the LP are the second and sixth tracks, “Tune-X” and “Ion Jam” respectively. Each song is highlighted by eerie drones and techy stab riffs, with “Tune-X” being a techno-d&b collaboration with Synth Ethics which underscores these elements with rolling percussion and a techy undercurrent of bass synths. “Ion Jam” goes for a more stripped back groove, reminiscent of early techstep/neurofunk. The two tracks sound similar, yet contrast quite nicely, with “Ion Jam” using more melodic intro/breakdown sections, and maintaining a more subdued, steppy air about it.

“Dirt”, the third track of the album, is probably the most straightforward rolling track of the album. It has a grimy, pulsing bass lead which carries the tune along very nicely, something which could prove quite versatile in the hands of a skilled DJ.

The fourth track “Ceres” may be my personal favorite of the LP, a dark neuro track with a deep, watery bass synth which reminds me of early Noisia.
Of all the tracks on the LP, the seventh composition “Smoking Mirror” takes the cake for biggest shock. It’s a brutally-dark halftime track which reminded me of the Noisia-Amon Tobin collaboration “Sunhammer”, complete with a monsterous snare reminiscent of Barcode Recordings’ insane halftime releases circa 2009-2011. I really hope the trio continue to make songs in this vein, it was a truly brilliant surprise.

I hope others recognize this album for the breath of fresh air that it is, in a scene which has lost some of the dark flavor that kept it exciting years passed. I hope that Consistency Of Error marks the beginning of a stream of releases for Inward, Hanzo & Randie, and producers cut of a similar cloth.

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