Ironlung ‘Soul Keeper EP’ [Digital Terror Records]


This Friday on Digital Terror Records the ‘Soul Keeper EP’ from Ironlung hits the shelves supplying a balanced selection of smooth, deep rolling basslines and intense, energetic jump up vibes.

A sleek, dark, tantalizing tale “Look to the Stars” explodes intensely kicking in on the first beat with a soothing vocal that builds aesthetic winding up over harmonic woodwinds while the kicks build ferociously all in one quick measure before a breathtaking break to the drop. Low, growling basslines bellow and wail transcending beneath an intricately composed beat as Ironlung injects solid use of samples and effects to bring a tinge of old school jungle vibes into the composition. The hypnotizing hymn continues to consume as it’s chopped in and out travelling throughout the composition to hold the narrative and mesmerize the mind. Full of slick style with power and flare “Look to the Stars” is a must play to entice a spiritual vibe.

Another swift intro on “Soul Keeper” slaps straight to the point with a fleeting vocal that entices a quick build. Deep and dirty to the darkest depths at the drop “Soul Keeper” rolls out thick and murky basslines that swell and crash cascading as intense snares snap, diving between a simple rhythm riddled with complex builds and ricocheting drum rolls hinting towards a more classic broken beat vibe. “Soul Keeper” is stacked with fresh cuts yet still hints toward influence from the old school jungle vibes merging and pushing styles forward into the new age of sound design.

“The Beyonder” sways in smashing a brief intro that morphs into a dutty jump up TUNE. Clean kicks crack between bouncy horns blasting on the highs as melodic synthesized keys carry the harmony with twisting basslines winding between. “The Beyonder” is a high energy injection sure to amp up any set providing big builds within measures which is also convenient to support the ultra quick switch in the mix. Ironlung exhibits interesting adaptations to the design of the beat pattern throughout “The Beyonder”; this is far from a basic formula when it comes to the composition in this tune.

“Nocturnal” with Grimeminister has an intense build, mysterious and atmospheric as forbidding vocals cut in and out staged to carry a chronicle throughout the track. Dropping hard into a deep, dark, jumpy abyss “Nocturnal” takes advantage of the lower octaves to bounce and flow keeping the mix moving as the bass breaks and growls to a groovy rhythm. “Nocturnal” is a prime selection to flip the flavor and transition the crossover between sub genres of drum and bass seamlessly.

Pick up your copy of Ironlung’s ‘Soul Keeper EP’ on Digital Terror Records available on all major outlets this Friday.





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