René LaVice, Richter, Dr. Apollo & Gracie Van Brunt Have the Piece You’ve Been Waiting For

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The highly anticipated track two years in the making arrives at the perfect time at the start of the New Year. “I’ve Been Waiting” (OUT NOW on DeVice Records) is a tremendous collaboration that transcends beyond time and genres across oceans from Toronto, Canada to The U.K. home of BBC Radio 1 where presenter, DJ and producer René LaVice (BBC Radio 1, RAM Records) is premiering the release on his special Vinyl Timewarp Mix today, Monday January 11th, 2021 at 1:00PM PST (or 21:00 GMT).  With massive support from the likes of Netsky, Zeds Dead, Hybrid Minds, and John B., the exciting tune is shared with collaborators stretching back across the pond to California where Los Angeles-based artists: Richter (Bassrush, Insomniac), Dr. Apollo (Play Me, Follow The Sun), Gracie Van Brunt (Simplify) and co-writer Liza St. John help LaVice pour their hearts into this heartfelt, heartbreaking, sad but uplifting liquid anthem that pushes past sound barriers and soundtracks surpassing past one’s limits delivering a message of hope & triumph during trying times.

The genre-bending love song finds its fitting home on René LaVice’s newly formed label DeVice Records, founded in 2020. The refreshing song starts with suspenseful chords floating underneath the mesmerizing vocals of Gracie Van Brunt as she breathes life onto the track, which is echoed by chopping vocal effects fluttering around lovely, shuffling percussions being carried across global airwaves and space traveling on shooting, classic Jungle laser step beeps. The unique, ripping saw rises as the hard-beating, chest-shattering drums build marching in anticipation as the claps cheer on the roaring synth rising underneath until it drops with trembling excitement like thunder shining through dark rainclouds across the night’s sky hitting you in the gut with feeling and emotions that storm over you. “Meet me out in the cold, body’s freezing. Taking all that I am. I don’t need it,” Van Brunt tells a story of a person putting themselves out into the cold world of life & struggle willing to sacrifice it all and surrender themselves to love in hopes of finding it. “Just don’t leave me hopeless. I just want to feel your surrender,” the story expresses as they lay baring it all on the line hoping and expecting another to give themselves just as they are or did waiting to be caught but left falling. Sometimes, you do not realize when you are sacrificing too much and may end up losing yourself, so you must hold on to a part of your heart and remember who you are as the waves of others try to pull you under to drown in the deep, dark depths of the unknown like Davy Jones’ locker.

When you give up too much of yourself, you leave yourself open to heartbreak because you place the missing key to your heart into the hands of a lost lover trusting the source of your happiness with someone else relying on them to make you feel fulfilled. “You know how long it takes to find a broken heart that beats with mine. I’ve been waiting,” the song sings of the ticking timebomb of a broken heart clock beating, waiting for another to come along and fix it by making them both whole again. Eventually, hope may turn frigid bitterness like the biting, nipping cold of night piercing like Cupid’s arrow striking and infecting like a poisonous, paralyzing, (time-and-thought-) consuming snake weighing on your mind and locking you down. By waiting, you only end up holding yourself back because the weight, and the wait, of that snake are endless and restricting. By standing alone outside freezing for too long, you are remaining in the past locking away your heart into a icebox missing moments of love as they are chiseling away passing you by with time. You only end up running in place trying to chase the past falling behind becoming late for your very own dreams by oversleeping.

However, time, the very thing that could lead into your surrender, can also gradually melt that glacier imprisonment warming up and unearthing as time heals your heart. On the other side of this tale of sorrow comes perspective and hopes for the future. When searching for strength, the blinding blizzard of reflection forces you to look withinside yourself to find the missing piece to recovering from a broken heart: surviving. Enduring those harsh winters snowed in builds endurance and patience because in the process you are processing your raw emotions fulfilling yourself with that love and hope. By surviving, you are allowing yourself enough time to rest and recover to get stronger and grow better transforming and soaring past your expectations. The heavenly horns hit announcing the triumphant return of confidence and yet with a new outlook and sense of rediscovery. Marionetting heartstrings trebling with tremolo orchestrating the revival of the 2nd drop like the accompany of a soothing violinist playing, tugging on the audience’s emotions relieving any stress, worry or pain making it out of this treacherous hailstorm of tears.

By recovering, you are also giving yourself time to reach the right time. The feelings you are searching for are most often found the moment you stop looking. The inspiration randomly clicks and shines bright like a lightbulb of creativity. Sometimes the right timing just happens. Other times that love and strength is built over time. For example, Richter, Dr. Apollo and Gracie Van Brunt grew from listening to René LaVice’s music, to gaining his support of theirs, to now collaborating on his very own label. That is a full circle story of coming together worthy of the wait.

This song reveals the journey of likeminded creatives gathering for warmth like a campfire leading and lighting each other’s paths as to not get lost along the way. By opening their hearts and releasing their stories of struggle, surviving and healing through creativity, they are rewarding liquid lovers with this love ballad just in time for Valentine’s Day. In sharing their own experiences, they are reaching out and extending an uplifting hand relieving all DNB listeners in need struggling to keep their head up above water afloat and are teaching recovery while inspiring others to keep going. This record reminds you that the answers and smile that you’ve been looking for can be found right in front of you: in the mirror. It reassures you that sharing and putting yourself and your gifts out there for the world to see is rewarding. In surrendering and allowing yourself to be vulnerable and feel vulnerability, you unlock your ability of finding, loving and embracing yourself again.

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