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If you have been reading my reviews you would know that I had the pleasure of reviewing Artsea’s latest release on Goldfat records. Next up on this fantastic label is a slice of true epic art from Sri Lanka based Iyre. Iyre began making electronic music in 2012 and delved into dnb in 2014 and is starting to establish himself as a very distinctive and talented producer. These skills are on show for all to see in this EP which is entitled Light of Hope.

Light of Hope featuring Breezy Lee – We have some lovely warm vocals and a liquid drum break with a nice arpegiated melody. Blissful summer feels to this as it drops into a real tasty deep sub which will definitely get people up and dancing. This is a pretty commercial track for me but with all the production skills still present. The commercial feel fades a bit with a huge mid break and another drop which for me is a little odd perhaps. It still sits nicely but the bass feels to heavy for the tune so far. I do like the diversity though and the tune soon winds down into the perfect vibe. A very decent tune and I think would do well.

A Distant Memory – This Track starts pretty and that remains throughout. This is a very soulful tune with a club vibe. However, the darkness creeps in and winds its way round the pretty stems and adds flavour. The second break is really magical musically and goes back into a clubby clap snare with a great bassline and melody alongside. Some darkness and depth comes back in but in a more minimal vibe to the first half and the tune winds down nicely.

Reverse Apology – It’s rare to see so much diversity in an artist let alone an EP. Iyre really turns up the production levels and this is really refreshing to hear this mix of versatility. This is a liquid tune. The sub is bouncy though and uplifting. It’s almost cheeky to be honest. There are some lovely reverse textures surrounding the listener which add some depth to the piece. The second drop is a bit messier in feel although still musically very credible. It is almost too experimental in the wideness of the instrumentation but certainly a bold choice. It soon resolves in a more comfortable listening experience.

Retired Replicant – This is really heavy, a Blade Runner style movie feel to it, watch out Hans Zimmer! There are some lovely atmospheres and a tasty build which hits with a Signal like techy tune. Crisp production with tight drums. The bass floats around swelling and evolving providing a great vibe. Some excellent samples and use of the space. There is great movement in there and in places almost sounds like an Optical tune perhaps. Certainly lots of nods to the tech of the past with some future vibes thrown in. The second drop is more intense with some orchestral accents and the bass sits very nicely in the mix. Well produced, well engineered, nice arrangement and a lovely master. I think this tune really stands out to me and is near on perfect.

Kalanthia – This starts like a movie as well. it’s dark and epic. the Impact hits and we are thinking some tech again surely? Yes – yes it is. Reese bass, clippy tight percussion and neuro style snares. The tune progresses fast and this just further confirms that is Iyre is a top producer. Perhaps this could of been a good opening track on the EP as it is very epic. As the tune builds the words “wow” comes to mind. Each 16 bars the tune gets darker and heavier. The ideas are cool and the sounds are even cooler. The tune finds a break which sounds pretty bleak and dystopian. It builds into a Maztek esque neuro tech marathon. Lots of volume swell bass and wet industrial sounds keep it classy. Excellent call and answer melodies laced with dark flavour but maintaining a light crispness somehow.

Overall a really intense listening experience. the tracks are wonderfully produced and hits right almost every time. The musicality is as good as I’ve heard in a long time. I really was surprised by the diversity of the ideas and sounds and that should be celebrated. Highly recommend listening to this fantastic collection of music.

Light of Hope EP | IYRE | Goldfat Records (bandcamp.com)

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