J Majik – Give It Up / Set Me Free [VIPER]

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Tunes

The legendary J Majik is bringing us two heavy hitters with their latest release on Viper. ‘Give It Up / Set Me Free’ is out today, and it’s well worth it to pick up both.

The intro of “Give It Up” begins with a springy bassline, dreamlike pads, and crisp plucks that lead into a lovey vocal line backed by cloud-like atmospheres. A trap build up complete with distorted hype vocals drops into the funkiest halftime/ dancefloor/ jump up beat– full of crisp drums, dimensional percussion, and a minimal, but bright, bassline.

“Set Me Free” has a much more laid back, mid-energy, Document-One- esque funkiness to it. Great to let crowds breathe to, the tune is full of the sweetest female vocals about inner struggles that contrast the happy tone of the track– Perhaps showing us a vision of light at the end of a dark cave.

J Majik really flexes with this release, adding more tinder to the bonfire of Viper bangers that have come out this year.

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