Jade – TV Says [Eatbrain]


The Eatbrain boss man returns in devastating fashion with his latest “TV Says”. Know for his aggressive tear out take on Neurofunk, he never fails to impress with his rugged and raw productions. We proudly present in this weeks review, Eabrain’s latest dancefloor heat.


“TV Says” opens with wobbling synths. The off putting cadence creates a subtle uneasy vibe as the opening elements struggle to find reception. Aggressive drum fills lurk at the end of the measures signaling what lays ahead. A cheeky southpark sample rings out before dropping the listener into the first dance section. A sizzling bassline crushes the soundscape. Metallic drums ring in the background and the bassline reels back and forth creating plenty of movement keeping the dance moving. As you approach the breakdown the stronger elements move to the back of the mix and the tune winds down.

Jade is known for giving his fan base exactly what it wants time and time again. With “TV Says” he continues the trend. Be sure to reach for this selection as well as the others off his latest EP next time you have a date in the booth.


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I touched wax for the first time when I was 12 years old and since have been blessed to share music in the majority of states in the USA. I have a wide spanning passion for mixing that reaches far beyond any one musical genre or dance floor. I work at Geomagnetic Recordings and am 1/2 of High Society DNB. Current location: San Francisco