Jake Sick – Back To Yesterday / Terra / Matrix [STAT]

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One of the many reasons why I like STAT. Recordings so much is the content they push. From the minimal yet abstract album artwork and the music that they release all the same. There is something about the sounds that come forth from STAT. that is a little more organic than most under dog labels. From the very beginning people like Rolfey, R-Vee, the very young duo Newcaise, Conrad Subs, Artikl, Jedi, Stimpy and SynthForce all set the bar for quality in twenty seventeen. Keeping that vibe intact the following year the very lush vibes from Jake Sick caught my attention rather quickly as this release goes from lush to tech in a very rolling cinematic type of way.

Back To Yesterday – STAT. Recordings – STAT020

Terra – STAT. Recordings – STAT020

Title tune “Back To Yesterday” is an incredibly uplifting almost euphoric in a sense rolling liquid. Very crisp drums, dynamic bass and the subtle hints of other instruments accompanied a very deep, almost dark vocal hook complete this joint from start to finish. Second on the STAT. extended play is a really full and deep roller by the name of Terra. Low range bass frequencies to the momentum of clean kicks, clear claps, passive shakers and the intricate layering of background bongos leaves you in a state so deep you could swim in this. There is something about Jake Sick‘s productions in general even if it is on the lighter more uplifting side of things, there is always this very minimal hint of something dark or mysterious lurking in the background in the tune. “Matrix” feels a bit like a high speed chase from an eighties movie. Everything about this production just gets me moving, whether its a head nod or a foot tap but I can really see myself going🚗💨🚓places with this. This release is astonishing and even if you are not disk jockey and just an avid listener to the finer things in electronic music this release should be in your cart!

Matrix – STAT. Recordings – STAT020

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