Jaybee, Empire X ‘Ruthless EP’ [Beneath The Surface]

by | Dec 2, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Jaybee and Empire X have dropped a belter of a release on the growing stateside label Beneath The Surface with the ‘Ruthless EP’. Impressively cracking the top ten on the label’s second release and still riding at #5 this week the support has been outstanding as drum and bass continues to flourish bringing attention to our hometown scenes. Let’s take a look at this double dose of diesel fuel from Jaybee and Empire X to heat up your sets!


Bubbly vibes tingle through the build brining a kick into the mix as the rhythm winds up and a harmonious groove ensues, light vocalizations caressing the flow moving into a full verse as the drop approaches. A funky, upbeat tune explodes into the mix with fiery beats flowing furiously amidst electrifying basslines sparking and rolling, the energetic vocal guiding the groove pushing the floor to bounce and move! A soulful tinge echoes through the track to polish it off with pizzazz Jaybee and Empire X are bringing the “Ruthless” fire straight to the dance!


“Skan Kan” wobbles in on a dark and eerie vibe with some slick effects amping the ride and a cheeky reggae vocal sliding stylishly as it screams into the drop. A dark, twisting basslines takes control as it winds menacingly low through the measures, the beats steamrolling in unison with the vocal keeping the mood hype. Wicked fills and effects keep “Skan Kan” skipping along with a bouncy moodiness that can’t be ignored. “Skan Kan” will keep the floor skanin’ out for sure!

Grab your copy of the ‘Ruthless EP’ from Jaybee and Empire X out NOW on Beneath The Surface! CLICK HERE


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