Jaybee “Sci NON Fi/Like We Always Do About This Time” [Boomslang Recordings]


Boomslang Recordings is making notable moves for USDNB bringing the 7th imprint to the label since its inception last year with Jaybee’s “Sci NON Fi” and “Like We Always Do About This Time”. A double dose of beastly basslines and wicked vibes these tracks are choice selections to make the bins BOOM.

A snappy beat builds through the intro of “Sci NON Fi” as faint effects float in the distance. A clever sample before the drop adds flavor to the mix as the bass radiates powerfully, deep and cavernous the vibrations travel breaking to bring the funk resonating deeper as “Sci NON Fi” rolls on. The rhythm rides clean amidst clever breaks and flares, jungle vibes are evident yet redesigned in a modern display of sound. “Sci NON Fi” has the low end bassline that will dynamically hit and all the vibes to keep the floor on its feet – don’t miss out on this!

“Like We Always Do About This Time” carries the vibe leading in with hats and highs echoing over a light beat. The kicks boom beneath snappy snares enhanced by vocal effects as it pummels through the drop rolling on clean with crisp fills as the vocalization echoes through the measures. Melodies weave between the bassline submerged between broken beats and outstretched vibrations encompassing the measures. The vocal stutters and flips along for a frisky mix. A longer composition, which is also a characteristic of “Sci NON Fi”, leaves more time for a creative blend, something sought after by many DJs and Jaybee delivers!

Grab your copy of “Sci NON Fi” and “Like We Always Do About This Time” from Boomslang Recordings this Friday! Pre-Order now on BandCamp or Beatport.

Be sure to keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass there’s lots more coming from Boomslang Recordings this year and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!




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