Jayline – Legendary Engram [Multi-Function]

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Tunes

This beast of a tune comes from none other than, and one of my personal favorites. In a top ten this guy would but will off, this massive release comes to us on the third of April on Multi-Function UK. This is one of many that I’ve been after easily for the last few months. Typical, the way tunes go about these days is kind of a shame. The tunes you want get rinsed time and time again by the big dogs for months, eventually would get signed and sent out a month late. But my personal opinion is that if a tune is good… it is good. No matter the time or date, it will always be a good tune. Quality tune if that. This..is quality my friends. This nailed every aspect of what a quality tune characteristics should entitle. Meaty build up, with some kick drum that you can feel in the core of your chest. Sound the alarm mates, this ones a tune.

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