Jayline – Unzip It EP [Multi Function]

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Tunes

It’s that time again, that time that I announce this is one of those awesome releases where the name of the EP ends up being the god damn tune of the release. I don’t really think it’s as important as I make it out to be. It’s been since the Blank Walls EP that we were able to check in on Jayline so let us clench both fists and rise up as we dive head first into this extra large EP out on Multifunction Digital.

Meta4 – Unzip It

Reflecting back on the colab between Jayline & Meta4 on the Blank Walls EP we had “Tornado” which personally for me was not a tune I was looking forward to upon said release, wasn’t even on my radar. Yet, here we are un expectedly covering another proejct amongst the two. This rolls so perfectly. Extra large momentum on the bassline calls for an extra large media player. Pure dancefloor vibes on this.

Enter The Dragon

I wasn’t not expecting the mixdown on this one. This should of been my number one pick but Unzip It was so choice it simply cannot be argued. I don’t if its the atmospheric bells that kept me hooked from the beginning but I know it wasn’t the drum pattern. I’m simply just not a fan.. ya know that boom clap clap, boom clap clap business. Jay never the less still came correct with “Enter The Dragon”, just let the tune ride and you’ll be alright. I wouldn’t double drop, but that’s just me. But down below you can review and rate this entire release yourself out now on Multi Function Music. Ya hear dis.

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