Jazzatron : Little Bull EP [The Dreamers Recordings]

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Tunes

With only one months time since their last release, “Dream Cycle Vol.1,” The Dreamers have clearly set their sights for becoming one of the better known labels in the industry of Drum & Bass, Jungle, and Breaks. The “Little Bull EP” produced by Torino based duo, Jazzatron, will be the sixth EP available this year and seventh release in TDR’s twenty seventeen catalog. It’s also Jazzatron’s second appearance on TDR and I hope it’s a trend to follow in the future. “Jazzatron The Breaknerds,” as their blog states, have been releasing Drum&Bass music since two thousand nine on imprints such as Liquid Drops, Celsius, Fokuz, Subculture, Modulate and many more.

Starting with us right from the beginning is stomping title track, “Little Bull.” Dark and empty atmospheres fill your ears until you are abruptly met by thumping kick drums, scattered highs, and sparse subs which race by as if charging toward their target. Next up in this four track EP is a tune which gains energy throughout it’s entirety, “Bass Trump.” Lead synth loops create a growing vibe as hip hop bass beats are joined with drum breaks right as our first moment of rest finds us before we are taken by funky distorted bass and gated toms. “Bass Trump” is one of those tunes that wants a full play through to really make its impression on the dancefloor. “Ulterior Jungle” starts the EP’s second half with dirty sub rollers, chopped up amen breaks and more gritty dismal atmospheres taking listeners through a forest of twisted origins. Finishing Jazzatron’s release is their boss halftime piece called, “Ron Mango.” Large than life metallic horns push us through rich bass, hollowed drums, and stressed out samples make this a great tune to emphasize beauty in soundless space.
The Dreamers Recordings have expressed love for all things Drum&Bass and with each passing release we are only shown how much they enjoy all possible forms of the broken beat genre. From the lush and fantastical sounds of “Dream Cycle Vol.1,” the hip hop juke rhythms of “Bussaback EP,” and the rave anthems of “Do & Die EP” this is one imprint who pushes quality and originality above all else. Don’t sleep on the artist who make it all happen, for a name on TDR is one worth watching.

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