Jazzinspired – Follow Me – D-LiQ Records

by | May 24, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

It’s that time again where we have another release from D-LiQ Records.  This time from one of my favourites, Jazzinspired.

The title track, Follow Me, for the Single sets us off with that clear jazz inspiration right from the get go.  Some beautiful production in the intro then leading us to the drop which has a quality riding rhythm and a lovely vocal over the top.  the tune keeps ever changing too, producing some lovely gritty basslines over the top of everything else.  What a wicked track!  Can really hear this tune being pumped loud on a sound system at a daytime BBQ event and everyone grooving to it.

Next up we have ‘Just Like’  This has a cool serene intro which makes you feel immediately chilled with the increasing volume of the guitar riff building the scene for you before breaking down just before the drop, switching up the melody to everything suddenly coming back in.  Wicked beat and subtle but effective bassline in the background.  Some awesome sampling going on in this track too.  When the tune switches up it’s got quite a heavy rhythm which is just awesome.

Brilliant release from Jazzinspired here!  Thank you! 

Buy here! https://www.junodownload.com/products/jazzinspired-follow-me/6131035-02/

Listen below!


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