JazzInspired – Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire [D-LiQ Records]


So it’s time for another release on the up and coming liquid label from the UK – D-LiQ Records, this time from JazzInspired. An artist I have not heard before and this single sounds excellent and a very interesting background from Austin in Texas.

An Austin-based producer/DJ, JazzInspired was introduced to Drum n Bass/Jungle in the early 90’s at underground warehouse parties. Drum n Bass quickly became a major part of his life and bought two used 1200’s a mixer and learned the art of DJing. He started to get booked at house parties, clubs, and raves. Several years later, JazzInspired decided to invested in creating the music he loved by purchasing several pieces analog gear.

In the 2000’s, he continued to create music but life got in the way and stepped aside for a long while, and never losing the passion for his love of the Music. Early 2019 got back into the studio and started to work on creating music again. That summer he worked on an EP that was signed to Liquid Flavour Records, then shortly after, worked on an LP for Soul Deep that was signed and released in August of that year. His album Breaking Out, reached #1on Juno Records. Since then, he has had several releases on reputable label’s such as Liquid Drop, Sheer Velocity, Liquid Brilliants, DNBB Records, and more.

Currently, JazzInspired has several EP’s forthcoming this year from Soul Deep, Smooth and Groove, Tribe of Dub, D-LiQ Records, Bonafide Records, and FX909 Records. His infectious groove of soul, jazz, funk, and dub will have you moving to the music and forgetting all your worries.

Onto the release you get taken straight in with some rhythmic drums after a beautifully serene intro the first track ‘Run n Hide’ takes you on a voyage of secrets that hide from the rat race called life. You can really immerse yourself into the tune as you can almost feel like it is shrouding over you, hiding you from the chaos of everyday life running over the top of you. With excellent synths which layer perfectly over the smooth bass and extra effects from the jazz samples this is the perfect tune to take you away from it all.
The title track from the single has a really warehouse style feel to it, harking back to old school hardcore drum patterns but melodic synths and what sounds like a heavily processed brass which sounds akin to a guitar but gives the tune that edge that makes you dance until you’re too tired to carry on. I absolutely love this one, it’s a real vibe and I can’t wait to hear JazzInspired’s other forthcoming releases.

The single is out on D-LiQ Records on 30th April 2021, I suggest you get yourself a copy!

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