Jedi feat. MC FX – Darker EP [Dub Stomp 2 Bass]

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We haven’t spoken upon a Dub Stomp 2 Bass release since May when I was still releasing label mixes for the collective. I seem to make this mistake too often. Jedi’s Good Time EP was the last bits of text we wrote about. The title tune Good Time still holds dance floor value and Lied Too still slaps. This fresh extended play forthcoming Dub Stomp 2 Bass features MC FX on four very large Jump Up Drum And Bass tunes set for digital market place August 3rd and your Rekordbox playlists shortly after.

Darker feat. MC FX – Darker EP – Dub Stomp 2 Bass – DS2B126

Goodbye feat. MC FX – Darker EP – Dub Stomp 2 Bass – DS2B126

The dark side of the force is strong with the Darker EP. Title tune alone is some nature of the Sith, with perfectly maintained vocals throughout the time line. Less of a rolling tune and more of a stomp skank out bit, one for the bass bin huggers. Continuing the trend of aggressive fast and dark Jump Up Goodbye has to be the one for me. Ever from the start those bleeps and bloops have me, perfectly in time with FX‘s vocals. The drop is not as grimm and eerie as the intro leads to believe but its still just as hard and just as fast as the rest. Dance floor switch on the intro of Flair. I personally love Hip Hop, the good late 80s early 90s Hip Hop. Most if not all the releases I have covered I always shined light on some sort of Hip Hop influenced Jump Up Drum And Bass tune. One of the main reasons I rinse Jedi tunes so often, if its not Hip Hop on the breaks and hints of samples throughout his productions. Not even letting up on the final tune of this extended play, not one soft tune on this whole release. I have to got hype this release with Get A Grip. Pleasant strings plucked of the eastern decent with uplifting atmos will not distract you from the powerful vocals that FX delivers this whole kit is rave ready, are you? Make sure you cop this release straight from the JunoDownload marketplace.

Flair feat. MC FX – Darker EP – Dub Stomp 2 Bass – DS2B126

Get A Grip feat. MC FX – Darker EP – Dub Stomp 2 Bass – DS2B126

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