Jedi – Spirit Of Kings EP [Dub Stomp 2 Bass]

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Tunes


Can you believe it’s already December? Let’s warm up with a fresh release shall we. If it wasn’t for my friends at FLAK and DUBSTOMP2BASS I honestly would not have any clue that the one deemed Jedi even existed. I’m beyond thankful of it now because Jedi just the right piece of fresh material that I have been looking when it comes to incorporating them into my sets.

Mi Food

Assuming you are a regular when it comes to my posts you should be in some sort of understanding that the extra large player is the only thing that contain massive tunes.. heh. Jedi rudebwoy badmon champion with the bass heavy ancient jungle lord summoning roller. This tune, I closed out room 2 with at a house and drum and bass party keep’t the people dancing well past the lights coming on. The bass hits just right and the amens are just enough to maintain momentum and the vocals are some of the most powerful ones I’ve heard in a while. This is definitely the tune you want on back up when its time to bring war upon the dance floor and just so happens to be my number one pick of this entire release, go figure.

Spirit Of Kings

When the name of a release ends up being a banger of a tune on the thing is easily comparable to getting the first scoop of peanut butter out of a fresh jar. Big drums, Big bass, and it rolls. Jedi with some stanky bits on this one. If Mi Food wasn’t so catastrophic this very easily could of been my number one pick from this EP. This just puts such a good vibe on the dancefloor that could get anyone to atleast bob their head to it. As for the rest of the release which is out on DUBSTOMP2BASS RECORDS can be found below and you are encourage to comment amongst the review at the bottom. Cheers!


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