Jhofre – Curandero LP [Addictive Recordings]

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Jhofre – Curandero LP [Addictive Recordings]

Welcome to all my drum and bass friends around the world! Today I share another banging release. We present to you Jhofre – Curandero LP [Addictive Recordings] out and ready to bewitch with raw bass. We also have a chat with the man himself. Throughout the year Jhofre has been dropping heat along side his partner in crime Vicjoff. Following after the Vortex EP with Vicjoff he works some magic of his own with the Curandero LP. His distinct sound as a producer is ever sharpened with each track. Jhofres raw crisp productions are hearing play from DJs from around the globe. And it doesn’t seem likely to stop any time soon. We are always anticipating more from the Columbian drum and bass witchdoctor. Lets hear some words from the man about it below.

Q & A with Jhofre – Curandero LP [Addictive Recordings]

Q: I feel like this Jhofre – Curandero LP [Addictive Recordings] slowl gains energy with each track. Was that the idea?

A: I really love that you feel that because that’s what I was looking for with this LP.

Q: How long did you work on the launch?

A: It is difficult to say an exact date since I had several tracks in the works for more than a year. It was a process that lasted approximately one year and 6 months.

Q: Was there a main theme you were looking for?

A: Curandero LP is another chapter in my story. This started with my first LP called NEW WOLD that was released by Addictive Recordings. The main theme is based on the continuation of a world after being almost completely destroyed. The first track on Curandero LP is called DAY ONE because it reflects day one of my new sound. A new world to be able to create and do things my way.

Q: Where did you get inspiration from?

A: My inspiration comes from what I live every day. Practically in one way or another my music tells a little of what I live or feel. It reflects my moods or my thoughts. And for me music has opened the doors to a new world. Thanks to music I have managed to live unique experiences that I am sure I would not have lived in any other way.

Q: What are some groups or artists that have influence on your productions?

A: ZARDONIC, Agressor Bunx, L33, Disphonia, GYDRA, my great friend YATUZA and obviously my brother and battle partner VICJOFF. Who has been one of my biggest influences in recent years!


Jhofre РCurandero LP [Addictive Recordings] is out now and is available for purchase and streaming exclusively on Bandcamp here.

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