Jinx – Come Again LP [Liondub Street Series]



‘Come Again’ comes correct. 

An untamed beast has emerged from the effervescent spring that is the Liondub Street Series. The Birmingham-based producer, JINX, has crash landed with the first full-length LP for the label that is mean, dirty and almost otherworldly. Having steady releases over the past decade+ on Dread, Co-Lab, Ruffneck Ting and Soul Deep to name a few, Jinx comes fully armed, and fully correct for Series #46 with 10 hard-hitting, funky, murky, rolling Ragga Jungle infused Drum & Bass cuts.

A slew of heavy tracks that will burn up any sound system.

The opening track, “Stick Up” is no joke with shattering snares and a big, crunchy 808 that gets you nodding your head immediately! This entire LP just feels huge with thick sounds and drums moving tons of weight. Jinx makes sure each song is hype in its own respect whether flexing distorted basses or crushing you with slamming breaks.

Frequency” and “Rubba Dubba Dance” show off Jinx‘s ability to modulate and put a funky twist on 808s. These tumbling 808s go from falling to humming to being dragged back up again. These songs are bonafide rollers that will keep your dancefloor moving even into the wee hours of the night. Jinx is taking us on a journey that flows like you’re on a magic carpet of bass while saluting the sounds of yesterday.

Tracks like “Too Much” and “Blow Your Horn” express a more aggressive party vibe. “Too Much” is a downright nan-slapper with a crusty drone bass that could make any man go mad. The hooks from both are tastefully distorted and crunchy with an almost frantic pace to the drums. The stabs drive the sound and keep it moving whether dirty or clean.

As we reach “Breakdown“, we get a jazzy interlude and some smooth tones to clear the palette. This point in the LP brings us to a more break-focused listening experience that plays with mellow 808s that bubble and flutter like a rubber band. “Get With The Groove” takes us even deeper with staccato grooves and an easy hook that ebbs and flows in pressure; playing on the line between clean and crunchy. This makes it all the more satisfying once the bassline almost reaches the point of crushing just the tiniest bit for emphasis.

Jinx definitely has a way of making it ‘hurt so good.’

Things take a dark turn at this point in the LP as “Slew Dem” wastes no time to deliver a grim, bouncing bass and lively percussion kit that is bursting with energy. Followed up by the shimmering pads of “Eliminate Sound” that serve as a mirage for a truly punishing experience. Jinx turns it up to 11 on this one with a bloodthirsty distorted bass that feels like being chewed up and spit out by a dragon.

Come Again” is the perfect eerie and heady sendoff. Creeping pads foreshadow a creepy, ominous fate. The song hovers and drifts like a crashing spaceship being dragged to Hell. As you listen, you are immersed by this seemingly downward spiral propelled by bass that is either stabbing, sizzling, zapping in your face, or zooming over your head. For the listener, this treatment is the proper diagnosis from Jinx after this heavy bender of an LP.

This LP is pure energy start to finish.

Jinx has got a handle on his sound and this release serves as proof. From easy rollers and twisted 808s to smashing Jump Up and bouncing bass, the product is no less than peak while keeping true to the Liondub ethos of saluting the roots of hip-hop, dancehall and reggae. The “Come Again” LP comes correct.

Liondub Street Series Vol. 46 is available exclusively at Juno Download now.


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