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This week I am going to go over the new Joe Ford, Abstract Places EP out on Eatbrain. Joe Ford is no stranger to a DnB fan with releases out all over the place; Med School, Bad Taste, Caliber and of course Shogun Audio just to name a few, this new EP out on Eatbrain is MASSIVE. Joe Ford hits the mark here. As I write this Beatport properly has it marked as an Exclusive.
War March is the first track of the EP and BRING IT MY SELECTA!! DAMN SON! It starts off dark, eerie, the melody kicks in keeps it dark, you got some murky vocals that go really well with it. That first drop is this nice screechy bassline that follows that melody from the start. The break down is smooth mid track. Now…the second drop…OOOIIII F*$K OFF MATE!! The production is just brilliant and the breaks throughout the first 8ish measures are awesome, there is one section where it’s just a drop of bass and it grabs you. GO LISTEN TO THAT SECOND HALF!!
The intro to Lumbering Beast is nice, to a point it reminded me of something I would hear in an 80’s horror movie. The drop is a nice mix of what feels like jump up for the drums and a neuro bassline. The beat gets more neuro as the track goes on. It abruptly cuts to a low for the mid point into that deep bassline. The second half has lots of bass changes. The end slows down a bit and back into what reminds of something out of the 80’s (not that it’s a bad thing).
The End is the third track in the EP. Deep scary vocals and into a HARD beat then a cut and into a techie buildup. The first drop is wicked, screechy thumping bassline. This track knocks hard from highs to lows. Nice use of some techie highs from time to time. Again, the breaks are slammed on for a low point mid track. Again with the techie build up and back into that nasty drop, this happened very quickly. This roller is gonna for sure be heard again and again. High energy!
Urgency is the last track. Not as dark as the rest from the start. This roller of track has a nice flowing bassline, not as screechy as some of the other tracks. Its a nice contrast to the EP. The break downs throughout the track are inviting to just move along with it. It’s a massive roller but this one feels more about getting people up and moving, great for mid sets and bringing the energy up!
Overall this Eatbrain Abstract Places EP by Joe Ford is a smasher. Most of it is dark, heavy and hard. This is what we come to expect from both Joe Ford and Eatbrain. I feel we will hear all four of these tracks over and over in podcasts and live in clubs the world over. If you have not gotten your copy yet, go do so!!

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