Jon Tetly/ Mac V _ Unloved EP [ Gorilla Bass Rec]

Jon Tetly/Mac V – Unloved Ep       released Oct. 16 2020

Massive! We are back in the middle of the jungle with this new release by Jon Tetly & Mac V. As we enter the back half of 2020. A hostile takeover of the bassbins are upon us. Armed to the teeth with classical jungle and old skool hardcore influences. I’m feeling like this is the year we slow things down. Bring back the bongos. Mash-up the sound. And crank those hoovers and 808’s again.

I was going to write something extra cheeky to give you my over all thoughts of this release. But this quote, taken from the Gorilla Bass, label based in the Netherlands, bandcamp page sums it up much better.

“Following up on the ‘Lost in Jungle EP’, Jon Tetly and MAC-V have teamed up once again for another stone cold release.
The ‘Unloved EP’ is a chilling, new release characterized by dystopian, militant vibes.
A soundtrack to the catastrophic events and uncertain times we are living in.”

I came across  Unloved the second it was released. I saw an explosion of re-posts and share from the who’s who of the deep jungle community. Being familiar with the individual styles of both Tetly & Mac. I was excited to get another Ep with this pairing.

I love the way these two gents take all of the classical elements of 93-95 era jungle amen tear-out’s, and craft them with 2020 production techniques. They seem to have their vision focused on giving us back the vibe that got us here. Combining the flavors of tech step/artcore/atmospheric/hardcore into four tunes that stand alone as hero’s. Or together as a new class of mutants, hell bent stretching the vibe to its limits.



Jon Tetly- Unloved sets the pace. Coming right in with hopping amens and a diva vocal high on reverb and delay. Pinched with just the right spice blend of bleeps key tones and lazer shots. Everything drops out for a couple bars just to let the soles of your shoes touch the ground. And then its off to the races. The barrage of heavily chopped and screwed amen breaks soak up the entire spectrum. Flanges, phasers and massive snare fills turn you into a wacky waving inflatable tube thing. I love this tune. I love the vibe. So far, this is how you kick off an EP.


Jon Tetly – What does it all mean kicks up the pace. You get to hop on in, one footed. Just a familiar amen groove. Highlighted with a soft dystopian synth set in the background. A saw blade baseline creeps in with a couple classic hardcore stabs. And it just drops you right off the cliff. Into a bottomless tube of stabbing drums edits and wooden stake choppage. I see this as a butchers tutorial for breaking down an amen from nose to tail. Here and there a pitched up sample from Pulp Fiction gets lobbed in front of you. Issuing a death sentence in the from of “junglist murderation”.


Mac V – Disillusioned takes the tone, the tempo, and the vibe straight back to 1994. This is the type of tune that either takes you back to when you first discovered jungle. Or straight up makes you question whether or not what you think is jungle. Is, actually jungle. Taken from the playbook of early Genotype/Future Forces/Kane/DomnRoland/Nico sounds. This tune morphs like the black power ranger into some of the most technical edits and stretches I’ve have heard lately. When people speak of dystopian drum and bass, this is exactly what they are talking about. And I’m so here for it.


Mac V – One that Loves is the banger. Every release has that one tune that you will play the most. One that loves is that tune on this release. Starting off at 176 bpm, with huge gabber kicks, claps, and stabs. This one comes at you teeth first. The first wave, and last wave of calmness. Comes in a form of a atmospheric/synth heavy breakdown. Almost hitting happy hardcore vibes. But after a stretched vocal guides you to the drop. It comes cross as a lovely old school brockout choon. Heavy edits and samurai skilled cuts are hit with some rather lifting keys and synths. The drums are dirty as hell. And you can even hear vinyl cracks from one of the samples used. So this one resonates with me on a purely nostalgic level.

So what the deal?

I thought this release was short and sweet. As a follow up ep to the previous release, Lost in the Jungle. It ties the albums together like “The Dudes” stolen rug. If you play all 8 tunes from both releases together its one hell of a set. Someone is going to light their feet on fire, and tear some ligaments from going full slinky liquid dancing baby. When I look to sounds of the old school in modern dnb. This is what I look for. This is what I want to hear. I knew from previous tunes from these guys that I’d gather 4 more weapons for the arsenal. And i got what I paid for. At a low low price of 4 quid.

I highly recommend scooping this release up. I highly recommend picking up the previous release as well. Grabbing a few homies. Going to the park, or a basement, with some smoke and some drink. Make a night off it. Remembering the good old days when Stussy was a new brand. You could pass a huge spliff around a whole party. We could grab a total stranger on the dance floor  by the shoulders, freak the fuck out, face to face, and not worry about dying.




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