Josephs Perception – Shes the One / Soul Connection – Cosmic Baby [Test Press Audio}

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Tunes

Do you remember where you were when you had that first real deeper connection with drum and bass? It may have been a certain track, or a certain DJ to help build that bridge. Maybe it was a local party with just you and your crew letting go and just getting after it. Regardless of the particulars, there was eventually this moment when it all just made sense. The breaks. The percussive groove. The bass just moving you. You knew then and there that there was something more about this music then just some cool shit to smoke weed to. You knew there was something deeper in all of this and for once everything was ok in the world. The second release from Test Press Audio takes me right back to that moment for me. I can’t tell you the song or where I was, but the music for the first time had more to it, and these two gems Test Press just let loose on the world is a great way to illustrate that emotion.

Its a split release between the moody yet lush sounds of “Shes The One” from Josephs Perception that features rich and moody pads, full warm moving bass, and beautiful but almost tragic keys weaving in and out of the background. This one just rolls out in an ethereal field of sound that takes me back to that moment it all just made sense for the first time.

The other half of this release is the deep mover that is “Cosmic Baby” from Soul Connection. For as much as I love the heavy sounds of drum and bass, I am still a 100% sucker for a good amen break, ambiguous female vocals and uplifting pads rolled into one song that lets me know everything is ok in the universe and lets me just stop and take a breath.

Bravo test Press Audio on this release. If this is just release number two, I can say we are very much looking forward to what ever it is you have lined up!

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