June Miller – The Final Sequence [RAM]

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Tunes

June Miller are hands down kings of intros in drum and bass at the moment. With huge success in recent years the duo has become one of the hardest forces to reckon with in the scene. June Miller brings a sense of theatrics and mystery that is unmatched. Painting the clearest pictures of the stories they are unfolding in the form of Drum & Bass. If you have listened to Robots & Romans album this is along the same lines of insanity. The boundaries continue to be pushed in the sound design race and June Miller finds no problem contributing plenty of ammo for it. This year they were selected to compose the opening sequence for the worlds biggest D&B Festival. This is The Final Sequence…..

A sonically charged array of June Miller’s signature synths and percussion blast right off the gate into an adrenaline fueled march of the gods. “LET IT ROLL” can be heard shouting into the foreground with the energy and vigor of an army winding up into a burst of seismic energy met with the longest sweep of gritty reese bass known to humans before unleashing full force into an armada of bone breaking percussion and fury. Raw power unleashing into the soundscape like an army of one million soldiers pummeling away at its enemy as snares continuously pitch up into the heavens.

Physic’s defying musical talent int he form absolutely insane drum and bass. June Miller is SMASHING everything that comes in front of them at the moment so i would advise you put on a seatbelt before listening to this one….

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