Juno ‘Phaser EP’ [C4C Limited]

by | Mar 28, 2020 | Tunes

A fresh release from C4C Limited this triple threat of aggressive neuro tunes from Juno really hits the spot.

Atmospheric synths paired with light percussive elements build with intent stomping harder and faster to mold the mood complete with a ferocious roll right before the monster drop. “ Phaser” from Juno is an all out stomper of a track full of energy bouncing with intensity as the percussion flows like fire over a banging neuro bassline built to smash the walls in.

“Sylar” hits heavy straight out of the gate the first snare striking hard as a solid rhythm increases the adrenaline building to pure insanity at the drop. Deep, dubby, broken basslines flow powerfully under intense fills and rolls running wild. “Sylar” is pure madness in the mix.

Striking in with suspense “Hypnosis” builds like clockwork as the beat ticks in over an airy build emulating a light vocalization that grows as we prepare for another powerhouse drop from Juno. Filthy, stabbing snares pound over metamorphic basslines as colorful breaks and effects burst through the intricate beats to captivate the audience.

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